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"We are the pair that they'll discuss.
Yes, this world will remember us."
(Frank Wildhorn - This World Will Remember Us)
[The painting on page nine is by Jacqueline Gnott]

Thick as Thieves

by Caroline Prank

Oh honey, I do, I do, I do.

You make the perfect partner, because you stand and sing to me. Remembering my favorites, like it's written on your sleeve.

You bring me strawberries and tea,

on bright and early mornings. I smile and watch you mimic me; You don't forget the chores.

We tangle, like the sheets,

and only speak in pillow talk. You always knock 'em dead, and make my heart beat till it stops.

And one day earlier than most,

I'm crying out to you, sitting in this wooden stand, I do, I do, I do.

I make a perfect partner,

because I love and work with you. I'll never comment on the things, that I've been witness to.

There's a lady that went missing,

on the corner of Third and Clyde. She had a pretty figure; I can see she caught your eye.

A shame you had to put yourself,

between her lips, and tongue tie. but it's fine. You always see better eye to thigh.

I guess we'll stick to our agreement:

A cup of tea and strawberries, and a shovel for the night.

I see you in the garden, my lovely partner in crime.

Oh my, is the neighbor, giving you a hard time?

There's a knock on the door,

and the house fills up with scum. Am I being read Miranda rights, on account of your green thumb?

You may have slipped up,

but in my heart you're still the best. With instincts like a killer, you put them all to rest.

I'd gladly spend my life,

kept secret in a cell with you. But there may not be much a chance, with how those gallows loom.

“Miss, do you confess to the murder of the pretty lady,

on Third and Clyde, with your partner.”

Oh honey, I do, I do, I do

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