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carolineprancke let's try being reborn again
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be a victor with no victims.
a present that listens
to both past and future.


by Caroline Prank

With the sounds of storms to my side,

I am the past tense. I am here. I am gone, And I am dead to live again. I am the past tense. And I am history.

What's making you feel so far past tense?

I'm the future tense It'll be so nice to meet you. I'm the hopes you hug, huddling near the highways. I'm the future tense.

Where it's all about you and me.

There's no plan, but you stick to one anyways. It won't be about prime family time, or this planet, or politics. It's all about you, baby.

I'm every second you spend saying it's all good,

and every minute you spend mourning the mornings when you can't. I'm the time you'll miss, chasing scars that don't exist. The one-night stands that keep you standing.

The selfish, teeming bastard

that rides your ass for deadlines, and the clock that hangs at your school that never seems to be right. It's been 2:29 for two minutes.

Here's some advice:

Keep your possessions in your pockets, so people perceive you in your perfect prime. This is the future, and we're not sure where we're going, so you might as well keep the rhyme.

Why listen to the oldies,

talking all slow, “I am the past tense.” Maybe its time to let it go.

Move a little faster, make the world keep up.

Who cares about the past, when we've stuck it in a book?

Don't worry about the stories, these fuck-ups and mess-ups

Leave em' behind. If it's water under the bridge, don't just jump inside. These stories don't define you. Just keep this reminder, dear, New year, new you.

I am the past tense.

How about it's time, I gave you a new view? Remember all the dead, and the men who spoke in blood's tongues.

How they killed and owned and spread the hate?

You may have the pleasure of forgetting, but many people still die from its trendsetting.

They were the victims and yet they're still paying for it?

And how about you?

Remember the times you learned to forgive, to give into the grief of losing something, and how even when some things never seemed to get better, You always lived.

You're strength comes in numbers,

the number of days you fought without it. There are bigger nightmares than the ones you dream of in bed, So why choose to forget them? Let them lead you instead.

And for the people who choose to ignore,

every plea, every open door. If you want to just celebrate how successful you are, how about you take just a moment, and think of who you stood on while you searched for more.

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