Is It Still Playing Through the Grapevine?
Is It Still Playing Through the Grapevine?  loud stories

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Let the music run,
from the seas to the hilltops.
Let our music play.

Is It Still Playing Through the Grapevine?

by Caroline Pranckevicius

You walked home with our songs, singing in your chest.

Playing like a stereo, yet your mouth is closed, because you're scared the music will leave, if you let it go.

It's your people's music,

so feel it in the breeze. Feel it in your feet. Drop those insecurities to the beat.

It's your people's music,

so don't take note of the notes you notice; feel the vibrations humming under your skin, the musician's most magical illusion.

The beauty in it,

is the smile you can sense in the singer's song, even if they are ten thousand miles away or six feet down. They'll still put a show in you, even now.

It's your people's history,

so hear it sound. The banging drums only causes deafness to the scorn and horror, but brings a straight spine to the cowed.

Because the cowed are proud,

that it's sounding so loud. In the darkest of times and the loss of the most, the banging of drums keeps our hearts beating, so close.

From pillar to post,

we are the people whose history is hidden, behind a war cloud of “too loud”, making the people feel less.

To feel the music banging in their chest.

Isn't it a crime that these songs are all they have left?

Feel the world

playing your songs. It's the motivation for the mountains to the pride of the ponds.

Keep the music in your heart,

and the notes in your songs, so the sounds will stand for something and we won't fall for it all.

The sacrifice for your life

shouldn't be your enjoyment of it, so turn up your singing till it's painting the streets in purples and reds.

It is your people's music,

and you shouldn't stop feeling for them.

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