Dear past me,
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please write yourself a new story

Dear past me,

by carolineprancke

Write yourself a new story.

A tale of times forgotten, and past their glory. You stood on your hind legs, and sang me a song, till the dark of morning.

It was an epic of a lost sea spirit, colliding with the waves she once knew by name.

Her home was a fire, consuming the depth of her watery grave. Till not even her own death, she could save.

She lived on, tirelessly and infinitely. Void of the opposites, that used to contradict within her.

Life and Death were both fairy tales, told by monsters under the bed, to the children they made up in their head.

She fought the urge to pull at her skin and ignore the nothingness, she had thought to begin.

Yes, she had begged the world to rid her of her fighting tides. And the world wished her its greatest demise:


Now the spirit did not know emotion, nor logic. And slowly lost her ability to acknowledge the silence around her, until she heard her final thought,

"Thank God, for now I join the emptiness."

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
@carolineprancke I can assure you that you will have many tough days ahead, more than you want. Keep your head above the flood and keep telling yourself, I will prevail. I have a gift to give others that they desperately need.

a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Thank you! I was having a tough day today and this is the result. Perhaps, I should have tough days more often.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This a plaintive cry from the dark side begging to get darker. The mechanics were excellent. Great job.