A Single Miss. Demeanor
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Is it wrong to love little Miss. Demeanor?

A Single Miss. Demeanor

by Caroline Prank

Oh Miss. Demeanor,

is it wrong that I found myself loving you, all along?

No matter,

with whomever's hand I interlace, or how many steps I retrace, my heart's always been an easy thing to misplace

I found it on one of your hands,

smooth like pearls. It still wrapped around your finger, while you were with another girl.

I noticed it in your hair once,

tangled like a thorny stem. In the dark night of your curls, It had shinned like a gem.

Once, I had heard it in your voice,

its beat backing every word, and now that I feel it, I know you are the queerest songbird.

I see it in your eyes,

and at once, then I knew, no matter what future I followed, my heart belonged to you.

Oh Miss. Demeanor,

is it wrong that now, I trust, I'm loving you too.

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