Familiar Stranger
Familiar Stranger gun stories

carmenlehtimakiCommunity member
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The story of when someone tried to shoot me in my home.

Familiar Stranger

by carmenlehtimaki

I'm home alone and he's in the house.

He calls out to me and in his voice I hear the devilish smile that's settled across his face.

"Come on out now. I'm not gonna hurt ya."

I'm hiding in the bathroom and I shift as I hear him coming up the stairs.

He stops because he heard the movement of the shower curtain.

I squeeze my legs closed because pee is about to run down my leg.

Through the crack of the door I see him raise his gun in the air. He's preparing to find me soon.

He goes into my bedroom.

I want to dart out and head for the stairs, but I know I wouldn't make it. I'm too afraid to even try it now.

He walks out and gently pushes open the bathroom door.

I run and he gets me right in the chest before I even pass the toilet.

My brother then drops his water gun from laughing and we continue our games from there.

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