A Love Letter From Death
A Love Letter From Death  sad stories

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An appreciation letter from a lover to their love.

A Love Letter From Death

This is my letter to you. We’re never apart, but that does not make our space any less painful. What we never had in life, we make up for in death.

A marriage document does not bind us, but our positions in death now does. In life, I embraced your demons and in death, I made them my own.

We’ve become true monsters of love, with our unnecessary layers gone I now see you for what you are. You are just like me, milky white, cracking, crumbling, decaying.

A light layer of dust covers you, just as it covers me. Maybe we found each other because we are the same inside. For an eternity my hand will never leave yours.

When our bodies turn to dust, our souls will still remain here. Confined, in our final home. Our matching necklaces will forever tell the story of our love. Meant to be or not, we are together.

Author's Note: I want my Spooky October entries to either be inspired by a cool picture, or maybe even some of my reader's comments. Today's entry was inspired by today's title picture. I hoped you enjoyed, there are more coming.

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