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candiicotton Student that needs to stop daydreaming
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Excitement something I feel everyday as life blooms surprises all over the place. Calmness something we need to allow us to think deeper. Which one would you prefer if you were forced to choose?


Excitement in the dictionary can be defined as, an emotion, a rush of Adrenaline, a feeling etc. I personally think it's a choice and reaction.

It's not just simply choice or reaction, it's something that feels as if a rollercoaster just ran through you or a spaceship to Jupiter just blasted from your stomach at 17, 500 miles per hour speed. The feeling is indescribably amazing, no matter how many times we've experienced it in life, we never get old of it.

You may feel it during announcements of awards where you knit your frown, control your heavy breath that's secretly panting from nervousness, don't know where to look, as the judge announces the winner.

You may feel it when you're watching a movie where the character is in crisis yet still holding up it's strong posture while fighting against a villain that seems impossible to defeat.

Sometimes we already know the results of things. For example, in most movies we already know the protagonist will win because that's just how most things work, or you've tried super hard on an exam you just know you will pass.

But disregarding all the solid facts, we still prefer to go down the nerve-racking path of excitement, where you're scared this second and hopeful the next yet devastated the one after.

That's why I believe that excitement can be a choice of reaction that we take. We can totally choose to be calm at times and choose to take deep breaths to calm our hormones down.

But I must say, this feeling is great, so choose that path.

It can make you more cautious about yourself and your surroundings, it may extinguish high hopes and allow you to set an aim just a little lower as the result may amaze you.

Excitement is something I can't miss out in life that's why I would choose excitement over calmness. What would you prefer? Excitement or calmness?

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