Night Drive
Night Drive freedom stories
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candace An 18 year old poet.
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An adventure just for us.

Night Drive

Window rolled down,

Night air

Whipping through my hair.

The glittering city lights

Sparkle and flicker in the distance.

The stars in the sky

Shining with the moon.

They seem to glide along,

Keeping up the pace.

Vehicles of all kinds and colours

Rush by,

Destinations unknown.

Maybe, like us,

They don't have one.

Going out to explore

What life on the road can bring.

We're taking the long route;

It's a detour without destination.

A winding road,

Finding places unknown,

An adventure just for us,

Going out and around the city.

Something about a long drive

Gives the feeling of being free

Without having to go far.

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