i was never yours.
i was never yours. spilledink stories

camilahernandez i had a dream that somebody loved me.
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i was never yours.

by camilahernandez

you told me you owned my body.

looked down on me and made yourself clear no other man will love me the way you had.

you reminded me how i was so naive for even raising my voice at the man who gave me the stars with just a simple hello.

you told me you owned my body when you had your hands where around my neck feeding me the fire of your melancholy soul.

you were older and in your eyes you didn't have no remorse on taking a young girl sweet innocence.

you reminded me everyday my body belonged to you and you will make sure of making my life a living hell if i ever decided to depart from your loving side.

you didn't love me.

you loved my young body and my celestial face.

the thought of another boy loving me crippled your soul to the point you felt pointless with no right turn in a one way street.

my body didn't belong to you or the next man that will love me,

it belonged to me and you couldn't change that even when you swore you’ll leave your wife for such a young girl.

you had me in a labyrinth and i had stop dreaming the day your sweet honey like coloured hands will leave my neck.

but i left and you cried and i knew i had never even had loved you at all And after all these years i want to tell you, no.

my body was never yours and your hands wouldn't be the first one to read my body like sweet poetry.

you never owned my body, and guess what, you never owned me.

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