Who Do You Think I Am?
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Something about soul

Who Do You Think I Am?

I am the rain in the seas, the dinner cloth, the strawberry smoothie, and the sap of a tree

I am the bees sting, the final good bye, the broken mirror, and the snakes fang

You will see me shine, you will see love radiate from my skin, darling, you will see me thrive

My rain will pour, dinner will be served, memories will be missed and I will give

My pain will be shown, you will miss me, I will be seen no matter what, and we will hurt

I will be loved, I will be happy, I will be c o n t e n t

I will please, I will be grateful, I will show my anger, I will ward them off

I will let them in, make tea, and sing them to sleep

I am what is good, I know I am beautiful, I am the definition of me

I am who I made myself out to be

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