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Something that isnt really about a creek

The Creek

There is a creek behind my house

Trees bend over and shade it

with bright green vines and leaves

Where the water flows,

the small pebbles and rocks follow

deep and shallow water coincide

Sometimes frogs and creatures

would lay their children in the water

and just in weeks

they grow to continue it

Continuing their festering presence.

And spreading

And spreading spreading

And spreading spreading spreading

The water is clear in most places,

sometimes it carries sediments of the stones it breaks down

breaking down

breaking down breaking down

breaking down breaking down breaking down

During the wet winters

the dead leaves fall


fall fall

fall fall fall

They cover the earth

and soon starts to decay

Mushrooms grapple their way

up from the depth of the dead dirt

The creek at a glimpse is beautiful

but only in the summer

when the trees aren't naked

and the canopy isn't gone

you will see

that underneath the dead leaves

rests plastic

mounds and mounds

of cold hard plastic

Sometimes, if you're lucky enough

you can find shopping carts and rusty bike pieces

Fallen trees stop the plastic from flowing

leaving clumps of this

this pollution


tainting tainting

tainting tainting tainting

what is seen as beautiful

only when the leaves cover it up

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