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bvmbi some things about "something"
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something about someone who moved on


had a friend in 6th grade, and her name was


Her hair was fire, her freckles painted galaxies,

She was very tall, and very, very thin.

She introduced me to many things that may seem pretty cringe these days haha.

But even today I still love them because she showed me that world.

We would sleep over every weekend, even during the summer.

We would bake blueberry muffins and double fudge brownies and we would eat the batter


We would stay up until the sun created the colors of her hair, and it was always the prettiest thing I've seen.

Sometimes, when we rid ourselves of sleep, we would watch silly cartoons and movies

I would do impressions and she would laugh with me.

One time, one of the snacks we had was all of her cereals and chips combined. It tasted awful but we enjoyed what we could together.


She was my first kiss when I turned 13, she had said it was a tradition among her friends, but I didn't believe her.

She always had more friends. More things to enjoy.

But she still make time for me.

But when middle school had been slugging along, something just changed between us

Maybe it was something I did or said, but she stopped talking to me.

I was always scared of asking her about it because I was worried the answer was something I wasn't prepared for.

So we were in


I really miss her. She was one of the first people outside of family that I fell in love with.

I used to write a ton more about her in the past.

And while thinking of her brings back pleasant and sad memories, I've just accepted it and moved on.

It's been many years, and we haven't talked other than the occasional compliment on social media. But that's it

She's gone

But it's okay because she's happy and in love and without me

Without me

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