Love! I’m in love!
Love! I’m in love! art stories

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something about love!!!!

Love! I’m in love!

Let’s start off with this:

I’m in love again

Every time I think I’m over him

Every time I think to myself “move on”, he’s there

He’s always there

When we talk I feel warmth leak from my heart

Small, shy smile cracking

I’m already young but I feel young again, once more

Like I’m feeling it again for the first time

So admirable, the way he speaks, with experience and caution, with pride and confidence

So kind, soft, understanding.

Eyes soften when thought of

Hands clenching, grasping at the thought of holding

How we could grow

How patient and delibrite.

If I could tell him, if possible, how could I manage nothing more than a squeak!!

The games we play, playful banter

I feel in my soul he knows

Grin at the universe, thankful for such a gift

The priveledge to feel so pure once again

In waves it comes, the ever moving cliche beating of my heart!

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