It’s good, its hope
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something about trying again

It’s good, its hope

I sit in my room

Rewriting my resume

It's been hard

I don't want to sound privileged or picky

But life is difficult for me too

I'm set back

Square one, almost, but harder

Mental health has been hard,

Just struggling to be here is exhausting

Constantly considering, wondering, hoping, hurting

But I'm here, sitting in my room

It's been raining since this morning

Pouring finally

And I realize

I haven't seen the rain in so long,

I haven't felt the cold drops of liquid, the sobbing clouds

My window is open and I'm under my sheets, typing away

And it starts to rain harder

It starts to pour

Cold air dances into my room, kissing my cheeks,

And I cant help thinking to myself,

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

The trees, green, just beginning to turn, dripping, melting

Warning thunder, she rattles my bones, my feet feel her vibrato

The lightning, he takes a picture of me, his own polaroid for him to keep, to love

Pitter patter, the clouds say, they sing so softly, reminding me, how gorgeous and kind things can be

I feel in love again

It's not another silly boy,

It's whole, its good, its hope.

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