I am in love
I am in love the good stories

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something about happiness

I am in love

Today I am in love

Yesterday I was in love

Tomorrow I will be in love

But with beauty in everything

Sometimes I'm more infatuated than anything

But I know that deep down I won't NOT love

Have you felt the summer air

How hot it is, the sun kissing your skin just a little too hard

How the trees shine

And how the rain falls like happy tears

Holding hands to feel cool

Have you felt the autumn air

The soft blowing on your skin

The chill bringing you goose bumps

The leaves falling just to brush your shoulder and say hi

The comfort of wearing comfort

Holding hands to keep warm

Have you felt the winter air

Harder nips, but not quite like hickeys,

But teasing gusts leaving you breathless but cloudy

How the naked trees blush at your gaze

How the snow flakes carry little letters of i love yous

How your heart feels warm, even when the sky is kissing the clouds

Holding hands to keep

Have you felt the spring air

It's one of my favorites

Warm, toasty sun, saying hi again and kissing your shoulders

Accompanied by the rain, peppering you with her cold finger tips

The fresh grass

The trees showing you their new clothes

The wind carrying secrets

The universe gazing from all around us in awe at the little beauties and purest things we have in this life, despite the bad

That is love

I am in love

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