Dear Future Me

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something about future me

Dear Future Me

here's to future me

cheers up, i hope

i think you will be happier when you get this

i know you will feel loved, even more than you do now

i know you will be validated, successful

you'll be happy

they will want you

when you read this

remember the pain you went through,

the people who came and left,

the times you came and went too

remember how you're reading this now

remember how i love you

don't you ever forget how much i love you

its okay to cry, because it's the best gift you can give yourself

shower yourself in rose petals, because you lived to read this

bathe in honey, and flowers, because you made it this far

treat yourself with kindness, because you are still here

here's to future me,

i will be there with you when you can say "its over"

and be happy in saying it

cheers up, lovely,

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