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something about m y s e l f


Things should be good, things should be merry

If I turned my stuff in on time, if I carry what I should carry

If I would just try or make some sort of effort

What would happen if I hadn't lost that fire in me

I suppose it's still there

But I am taking a step back and everything is so small

I am small too

Numbers shouldn't mean a thing

I get the validation I need

I still feel so selfish, and small, and greedy

There isn't much to me

I don't have ideas, things should be going good

But I don't to say I "should" be happy,

I am taking a few more steps back

I'm just average

So excruciatingly average, not even below

Can I say boring? Am I allowed to be right?

With every clack the keyboard makes, the further the key gets pressed in,

With anger, rage, disappointment,

But never with surprise

It was never new, never moved anyway

I was here the whole time. Sadly, this me is never going to stray.

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