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something about familiarity

Another Universe

i feel like we've met before

i think I used to hold your hand

maybe it ran through your hair

perhaps your skin was different,

maybe your hair was dark

maybe i wasn't short

maybe i wasn't chubby

and we probably used to be perfect

i feel like we've met before

i dream of you holding me

like it was so familiar

i could feel the shape of your face,

the curves throughout your neck

i can feel the faintest of lips against mine

i feel like we've met before

even though I've never met you in person

even though you're not ready for me

because i am a lot to take in

maybe this time, i am not the one like last time

Im not the one you may have seen

but I swear, we have met before,

and i promise you

that we were the first spark of the first star the universe created

i swear we met before

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