Can I? Can I?
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butterflyup Needed to share somewhere
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Can I can I Steal a piece of your heart

Can I? Can I?

Can I can I

Steal a piece of your heart

To polish blindly in the dark

Without a witness, without a thought

Wear it on my crown and pretend is mine until we both believe it is?

Can I can I

Enter you and kill the self

That keeps you away from me

Intrude your wholesomeness

To bathe in it, make it my home

And leave my name on the doormat?

Can I can I

Enter you as you enter me

Engulf you with tears and drink them

Sleep on your broken heart for one night

Then sew it back in one piece

And pretend I never broke it?

Can I can I

Just let you go

And not get drunk on the beauty of your soul

And taste the power of true freedom, once again?

True warriors do not fight causes already lost

Yet here I am, with useless weapons,

Not raising the white flag, pretending I am leading a worthy fight

When my armor is long gone and I am naked

And you smell weakness from a distance

Thus I will never reach too far...

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