Soft Petals & Sharp Thorns
Soft Petals & Sharp Thorns stories

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Just simple poems of mine. Nothing fancy. ^^

Soft Petals & Sharp Thorns

By: B.C.

Those beautiful petals that bloomed were now withered and bruised. With each gust of wind you blew, a petal fell, full of anguish and gloom. As the last one landed, you left without having a clue..of how much pain and sleepless nights you’ve put me through. -You hurt me

She was the flower that he would touch, but never pick. -Used

He stole from her. Taking bits of her once whole heart with him. Leaving her broken and empty. -The worst kind of robber

Your words once made my heart leap and my head light, Now they just make my eyes sting and my throat tight. -Once sweet, now bitter.

‘I love you’ Nothing ‘I miss you’ Nothing ‘I like you’ Nothing ‘I want you’ Nothing ‘I need you’ Nothing -Sweet nothings

Do not place your hand on my thigh as if pulling out a chair for me gave you the right to do so. Do not kiss my temples and run your fingertips down my spine as if opening the door for me gave you the right to do so. Do not look at me in surprise as if I had told you that you could. I did not do so. -Wolves disguised as sheep

I don’t believe those who call me beautiful. Because if I truly were.. I wouldn’t be crying alone. I wouldn’t be dancing alone. I wouldn’t be..alone. -Are beautiful girls left alone?

I didn’t want to watch myself love someone Then lose them -Don’t get attached

I’m afraid of the slow, Excruciating pain that Comes after loving & Then losing someone.. It’s the kind of pain that keeps you up at night. It courses through every inch Of your entire being It makes your fingers shake Your lips tremble Your soul crumble But most of all it makes your heart break -Don’t get attached pt.2

Some times I listen to Cherry wine by Hozier.. And cry Because it reminds me Of the most important person I should have in my life But don’t.. My mother. Verbally abusive yet bedridden. Both make a fatal combination. -Poison apple

You pushed me in And kept my head under A hand on my head The other on my throat Suffocating me Until I sank beneath the dark depths Of your eyes And laid still at the bottom.. Alone. -Drowning

You took it all Took the breath from out of my lungs Took the words from right out of my mouth Took the life from out of my body. Till I was left with nothing.. -Abandoned corpse

Drunk on his words, Drunk on his lips, Drunk on his love. Sober on his lies, Sober on his schemes, Sober on his facade. -From drunk to sober

He put on a mask And boy did he fool me. -Manipulated

Don’t go Please Stay I will Do Anything Just To Not Be Alone Again. -Please don’t leave me

I’m terrified of how much I want to love, I’m terrified of how powerful love can be. I’m terrified by the fact that if I choose to love someone That means being vulnerable.. And being vulnerable around someone means that person will have the ability & opportunity to completely break me. -Fearful avoidant

Venom dripped off your lips like bittersweet honey Honey that I couldn’t resist tasting And when I did It trickled smoothly down my throat Made my tongue tingle Then clenched my heart And made me scream out Not in pleasure But in pain. -Venomous lips

You tasted so good Yet you turned out so terribly bad for me. -Sweet tooths & Cavities

Where were you when I was screaming at the ceiling, laying all alone on the cold floor? Where were you when I could barely stand after crying out all the life I had left in me? Where were you when I felt like I was on the verge of death and tears began to mix so bitter sweetly with my blood? -Where the fuck were you?

To be continued...

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