What Love Is.
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I decided to try to my hand at the contest, though this isn't an area I excel in.

What Love Is.

by burniingaschs

What is Love?

Love is complex, but simple. Everlasting, but short. Wonderful, but painful.

Love isn't meeting someone.

It's getting to know them over time. There likes and dislikes, the things they hate or love. Love isn't getting to know someone, its knowing them.

Love isn't a magic moment.

It's all the little moments you've spent together. The good times and the bad, the fun times and the boring ones. Love isn't that one fateful moment, it's all the moments you've spent together.

Love isn't always being together.

It's also being apart. Your lonely feelings show how much you love them. Love isn't being together 24/7 It's missing them when they're gone.

Love isn't always pretty.

It's painful and messy, It's upsetting and sad, It's disappointing and unfair. And sometimes it feels like the love isn't there.

Love isn't easy.

It's a journey, a hard journey with many ups and downs. Love isn't magic, it takes work and effort. Love isn't halfhearted, anyone that can't go the extra mile can't truly love.

Love is worth it.

It can be troublesome, but its even more rewarding. It can be sad, but it gives you even more happiness, It can feel like a mistake, but it will always be perfect.

What is Love?

No one can really answer that question perfectly, no ones love is exactly the same. Love is a beautiful gift waiting to be opened.

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