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A description of a character.

Suns Shadow

by burniingaschs

He warmed everyone.

He was kind to them, he helped them, he showed them his love.

He always smiled.

Everywhere, anywhere, at any time his warm smile could be seen.

He was always there.

For anyone at anytime, he never left anyone alone.

He was the sun

That was how they say him. He shined brightly, warming everyone. He feared nothing, he hated no one. This was who he was.

He was always happy...

Or was he?

He warmed everyone...

Because his heart was cold. He warmed everyone, because he was incapable of warming himself.

He always smiled...

Because he felt nothing. He always smiled, because he couldn't be happy.

He was always there...

Because no one was there for him. He was always there, because he was always alone.

He was the suns shadow.

He lurked quietly, allowing others to see his shield, while his true self lurked quietly in the darkness.

(A/N) Sorry if its bad.

I decided to try something new. I'm writing a story right now, but I'm having a hard time writing about one of my charaters. So I decided to try writing something that describes him.

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