In the boring life of Asch.

burniingaschsI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
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A few more things about my pretty boring life.

In the boring life of Asch.

by burniingaschs


I do this basically everyday, morning, noon and night. Normally I try to find new things to read but sometimes I read the same books over and over again.


I enjoy writing a lot. A while ago I just wrote the stuff that I could never say out loud to blow off some steam, but now I'm writing stories that I hope will lead to me becoming an author.


I cook, mainly breakfast and deserts for my family. They always tell me my breakfast food tastes good but I'm not a big breakfast person so I never eat it.


I'm pretty sure everyone does this, especially if you cook. I spend the majority the time I'm not eating breakfast to clean up. I'm pretty good at this but I hate it.


I don't get out too much, but one of the things I do is volunteer work. I enjoy it and it's nice to work hard for someone else without getting paid for it.


A favorite pass time of mine. I don't swim competitively, though I suppose I could if I wanted to. For me its just a fun relaxing thing to do with my free time.


I do this a lot, just walks around my neighborhood. I like to listen to music while I walk, its a good time to think about various things.


When I do get out, I spend most of my time watching and listening to other people since I'm shy. I don't mind most of the time, you can hear some pretty interesting things when you're quiet.


I have 8 of 'em. There use to be more, but some ran off and some died so there's just 8. I haven't seen any mice or snakes in a while.

Wishing for snow.

It NEVER snows were I live, but I love snow. So when winter rolls around I'm always wishing for it.


Ah my favorite pass time! Unfortunately, normally I have a hard time getting it. But I loooove it!


I don't go bird watching or anything, but I'm rather fond of birds and I have a lot of bird items decorating my room. But for some reason I really dislike bird houses.

Video Games.

As I said before I really like playing these. I'm pretty sure 50% of the money I make is spent on video games.


Despite the fact that I live pretty close to it, I've never been to the seashore. Ever. I just felt the need to add that.


For wasting your valuable time with my randomness. Have a lovely day!

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burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
a year ago

burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
a year ago
And apparently, Why is a boy.

burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
9 months ago
Some of my favorite Quotes
Just me being random.

burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil, Thank you. I enjoy hearing about people so that's probably what led me to talk about myself. And yeah I really should go to the sea at some point, I enjoy beautiful things and I hear the sea is very beautiful.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
That was no waste of time. It was a beautiful exposition of self. It was simple and honest. I loved it. I really like, no love people. I want to know what makes you laugh and cry. I am pleased that you told us you do not like breakfast (my favorite meal). The sea is so vast. It has a unique power to sing its siren call. You will never hear a more beautiful sound.

burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
a year agoReply
@jordan, Well they're kinda beautiful in my opinion, I especially like the big ones like hawks and eagles they look so majestic. I cook a lot of muffins for breakfast also breads, quiches, smoothies, and... well I cook a lot of stuff.

burniingaschsBronze CommaI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
a year agoReply
@george, Ikr...

a year agoReply
you've never been to the shore? even if u live close? haha

jordanBronze Commai'm moderately cool
a year agoReply
sounds more fun than my life....what do you like about birds? and what do you cook?