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A characters thoughts on having a twin.

Other Me.

by burniingaschs

Looks like me.

It's like looking in a mirror and seeing myself, and then realizing it's someone else.

Talks like me.

Its like talking to myself and answering too, except I never know what the other me will do.

Walks like me.

Same stride, same gait, same height, same pace. And it turns out we're going the same place.

But he isn't me.

Most may not be able to see, but we are as different as the sky and the sea.

Different likes.

We don't do the sharing thing, it wouldn't even work. What he likes and what I like is as different as the stars and the earth.

Different minds.

He always leaves me guessing, I can't imagine his thoughts. I always leave him wondering, if I'm having thoughts at all.


Not the same, in any way, we aren't alike at all. His face may look like mine but that's about all.

(A/N) This is one of my characters POV.

This character is from the same story as the character in Suns Shadow. (link in the comments) I haven't posted the story yet but it'll be on Wattpad soon. It'll be titled Mar'rinia Book 1: Moon

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