Forgiving or Regretting.
Forgiving or Regretting.  stories

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Forgiving or Regretting.

by burniingaschs

People really are weird.

They do the strangest, craziest, most stupid things. (That includes myself.)

Relationships can be hard when someone does the unthinkable.

Or at least you thought it was unthinkable, but apparently they didn't.

They did something that was truly unforgivable.

So you decide then and there that they're the worst person in the world. You tell them this because they ought to know how awful they are.

Then you part ways, because someone like that...

Doesn't deserve the company of someone like you.

Or at least that's what you thought at the time.

Turns out maybe your were the unthinkable one, but you were too upset to see it. You didn't see that you ruined a perfectly good relationship with your anger fueled words.

And now your alone...

And you can't even remember what it was that was so unthinkable anyway.

You find yourself longing for their presence.

And you regret not forgiving them.

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