Falling Behind
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Falling Behind

So today's prompt is failure and it's something that resonates with me so here we are. This isn't a poem so if that's what you want to read I suggest you go elsewhere.

I struggled with failure for a long time, or more accurately, I struggled with feeling as though I had failed.

It's funny, back when I was younger and foolish, not getting things done didn't feel like a failing, it was an achievement.

Now, I look back on those days and think that even though it wouldn't change everything, even though most of it isn't even my fault, I would still be so much further ahead if I hadn't been so stupid.

Of course I tried to reason with myself. Tried to tell myself even if I'd done my best it wouldn't have changed much. Tried to remember that it was my circumstances, not me, that caused all this.

But it's easy to say those things, impossibly harder to believe them.

Especially when you're not graduating at that target age and everyone keeps asking you; "When are you going to finish? What are you going to do?" (Please insert a nasally annoying voice when reading the above)

And deep down you know they're all judging you.

But in the end I had to ask myself; Does it matter? What do I care that I'm not graduating at that age that the world has set for everyone to graduate at?

Sure okay. I could've done better some years ago, So? I'm sorry for all that stupid that was me back then. I'm doing the best I can now.

Is that not enough?

It is.

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