A few Things About Asch.
A few Things About Asch. stories

burniingaschsI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
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A few Things About Asch.

by burniingaschs

I grew up in the USA.

I enjoy living here though its obscenely hot where I live. I hate heat, it gets in the way of sleep.

In my spare time I play video games.

I initially got into this because I have two older brothers that introduced me to it, and I play it a lot with my younger siblings. I have nine siblings.

My proudest moment was when,

I wrote a poem for my family and they all thought it was really good. I'm pretty shy so showing other people my work was a big barrier for me.

My dream is to become a writer.

I want this because I enjoy writing and telling stories, and I'd love it if other people could enjoy the things I write. I probably need to become a better writer though...

I am a home schooled student.

I enjoy being home schooled. I get done with school pretty early so I have plenty of time for all my other activities. Like playing my instruments and writing stuff.

I'm looking forward to finishing school.

I'm excited about this because well who isn't excited about that? I have goals that I want to accomplish, and I look forward to working towards them.

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