Reflection on Writing Contest 2017
Reflection on Writing Contest 2017 stories
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bunnyrabbit84A Wattpad writer: @BunnyRabbit84.
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Reflection on Writing Contest 2017

by bunnyrabbit84

This is my new contest.

If you are a writer on Wattpad, then this message is for you. Over on Wattpad, I made a contest to help people find and developed strong writing skills that makes reading so interesting to read.

But I can't have a contest without judges.

Please, I need all of the judges I need so I can judge hundreds of people's books. The task is not easy and I need your help to do it. Over on Wattpad, there is three spots left for judges.

If you want it, type this story title in the search bar.

Yeah, just type it in the search bar and it will be under my name so you can go and fill out the judge form. If any questions, please come message me over at Wattpad. I am mostly on there 24/7.

Sherritt share it share it! Please please please go share this story with many other people if you don't want this position. I am trying to get judges before I can start the actual contest.

Nobody is messaging me or anything on Wattpad so I came over here. Please go share it with everybody you know. The more people who knows, the better.

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