The Mission & Values of RadPad

bryanlandersProduct Designer. @missionvalues podcast
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This story is based on the Mission & Values podcast interview with Jonathan Eppers, CEO and Co-founder of RadPad. It's a tale of co-founders risking everything to start up and growing a team dedicated to excellence and making magical experiences.

The Mission & Values of RadPad

by bryanlanders


To make mobility insanely easy and affordable for everyone.

RadPad is...

An apartment rental marketplace where you can browse apartments, apply instantly, sign your lease, and pay your rent.


"We value diversity of ideas and thought, humility, god-gifted talent, passion, creativity and curiosity."


Jonathan Eppers dreamed up RadPad after experiencing the pain of finding an apartment in LA. He recruited Tim Watson and Tyler Galpin.


Tyler bravely left his life in Canada to join his co-founders to start RadPad in Los Angeles. The team believes that the more mobile people are, the more opportunity comes into their lives.


"What we always say when we launch a product is, 'Does this feel like magic?' And if the answer is no, then it means we failed."


"Just as people grow and mature, so do companies. It’s important to realize that and embrace that. It’s not a bad thing."


Join CEO and Co-founder Jonathan Eppers on this inside look at what it's like to work at RadPad HQ, how they look at Diversity within the team, how they celebrate wins, and so much more.

You Are Invited

Dive into RadPad's remarkable company culture in the 'Mission & Values' podcast episode 4.

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bryanlandersProduct Designer. @missionvalues podcast
a year agoReply
@chromium Thanks for the comment! Yeah, the tech press loves sensational stories much more than reflecting the reality most companies live in, which has ups and downs. There's a ton of work that goes on between funding announcements, scandals, exits, and shutdowns. It's not as sexy, but it's what you actually experience when you work at one of these companies (or run them)!

chromiumI like to think I'm amazing
a year agoReply
It's nice to see with all the terrible press about companies that there are companies that are doing great things and love ppl

bryanlandersProduct Designer. @missionvalues podcast
a year agoReply
@sydney Thanks, Sydney! Kicking the tires on Comma here to share because I'm hearing such awesome stories in my podcast. Fun! 👏 Yeah, LA love for Jonathan + the team at RadPad. 🌴💕 So talented and dedicated to doing excellent work. I'm honored to get to share their culture.

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
This is awesome!! I started my startup life so was a huge fan of Jonathan and RadPad