Throwback #5: Normal Tuesday Night
Throwback #5: Normal Tuesday Night randomness stories

bruvtonMężczyzna pije
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This one's really short and really weird, just like the rest of them. Written in, you guessed it, 2016. I had established that every day in one of my stories was Tuesday.

Throwback #5: Normal Tuesday Night

It was a Tuesday. A normal Tuesday. Then, suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. It was my calender. It said that it was Tuesday.

So, I continued being me, along with being bored, on the couch of the dark, empty room. I heard a noise. I checked behind my back. There was nothing. I looked forwards. There was nothing.

I looked back again. Still nothing. Then I realised what the noise was. It was my watch. It beeped every hour, and on the display, I saw it. It said "TUE". For Tuesday.

It was rumoured that tonight was the night that whatever ghost that was in this house would haunt yet again. Suddenly, the only light in the room faded away.

I looked blindly for about two seconds. Well, I technically didn't look, because I couldn't see. Or maybe I did look. That's for me to know and for you to find out.

Just kidding, It's for us both to find out. Anyway, I touched the mousepad on my computer, and it came back to life. It was my only light source. The screen had the date on it.

It said that it was Tuesday. So many clues were pointing out that it was a normal Tuesday night, but this night wasn't normal.

No, it wasn't any ordinary Wednesday night, Sunday night, or Friday night. It couldn't have been because it was a Tuesday night. The radio then turned on.

There was a static sound, then a radio announcer. He announced that it was Tuesday. I wasn't startled by the radio. Oh, no. It didn't startle me a bit.

Mostly because I was the one who turned it on. I looked across the room to the other couch. The child sitting on it was shaking with fear. Oh, how I loved haunting on Tuesday nights.

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