Throwback #4: Wayward Wall
Throwback #4: Wayward Wall randomness stories

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The first story I wrote that wasn't only for a school project. This story is one of the pivotal moments of my writing career. It's an odd piece of history from 2016.

Throwback #4: Wayward Wall

BOOM! That was the sound that was just made. How was it made, you might ask? With a wrecking ball, of course! It was wall getting destroyed by a wrecking ball!

"Wha... Who said that!?" shouted Billygeorge Smith. He was a feeble old man, who was probably the stupidest man in existence. He was pretty ugly, and no one really liked him.

he was doing a project on his home, a renovation. He was adding a new room, and he had to take down a wall.

"Hey! Who said that about me!? I'm not feeble or old! I'm 23! I have long hair that goes to my shoulders, I'm tall, handsome, likeable..."

Billygeorge just proved that he was very unobservant, by saying the stupid statement that he just said.

"Hey, I've heard of you! Jonathan Janson told me about you! There are a lot of stories about this phenomenon...

Oh, crap! I knew I should have taken down the third wall! Guys! Rebuild that wall!"

Billygeorge then realized that the narrator controlled the construction workers, and everyone besides Billygeorge himself.

The construction workers pulled out 37 missile launchers, and Billygeorge-eating sharks with lasers fell from the sky. Billygeorge reached for his gun.. Oh, wait... It didn't exist.

"What!? That's cheating!"

Poor Billygeorge didn't know that there are no rules in war.

"Well actually, there are."

Not in this dimension. Well, Anyway, I'm trying to write a story, not have an argument with the antagonist.

"What!? You're the antagonist!"

Well, it depends on what perspective you're looking at it...

"Hah! I've distracted you while I've defeated everyone! I bet you didn't know about my concealed knife!

Don't worry, the people were only a figment of the narrator's imagination, so don't stop reading this."

Billygeorge decided to stop messing with the narrator messing with him, so he ran away, and the narrator went MLG, and sent illuminaties to deal with his problem.

"I'm not running away! I'm calling Secret Helpers of Inter-Dimensional Travelers!"

Well, if you just told me about it, how is it a secret!

"It's called 'comedic value'. You need awesome acronyms.' Anyway, they are sending some agents over that you can't control, and they'll fix that wall for me."

I created the Secret Helpers of Inter-Dimensional Travelers for a school project!

"Or did you... Everything is possible in another dimension..."

"All right, narrator! Your time is up! We're muting you from this story, and rebuilding this wall!" That was one of the obnoxious do-gooders.

His voice was scratchy, and if I were to see him up close, I'd probably be intimidated, but I was seeing this in a bird's eye perspective. "Let's build this wall, boys!"

There was an epic battle, but in the end, I lost.

I don't have enough time to explain, because they're just about to close the wall, BUT I WILL COME BACK!!! I WILL RETURN! WHEN I END, SO DOES THE STORY! YOU CAN'T STO

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