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Parents are so... Parental. Jeez.

Parents Be Like

Here's a quick anecdote about a recent interaction with my parents. They came up to me and told me that they'd be away for a week.

I thought, "Sweet! The house to myself for a week! Maybe I'll get to finish my book!

" I thought of inviting my friends over to hang out, maybe watch a movie, sing karaoke, go outside and do fun stuff. my thoughts were interrupted by my parents.

"So," they said, "you'll need to find a friend who's willing to let you stay at their house for a week."

And my dreams were crushed.

I refused. That'd be awkward! How would I get anything done? How could I work on my book? I argued with them, but they refused to listen. I decided to let it blow over for a day.

The next day in band class (my dad's my band teacher), my dad asked the class if anyone would be able to house me for a week. I didn't want to argue in class, so after school, I came to him.

I kept on saying, "I don't understand. Why don't you trust me? What did I do wrong? Why can't I just stay at home alone?" but he refused to listen.

No matter what completely logical, factual, downright true stuff I was saying, he wouldn't budge.

He did that thing that parents do when their only argument is "Because I said so" and they end up winning. It's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable."

I went to one of the practice rooms with a computer (we have to play into a microphone and a program assesses us and gives us a grade depending on how well we followed the music) and angrily played Bubble Trouble. I got a text from my friend, inviting me over to his place.

I went to my mother to ask her if I could go (she teaches music for the little kids in the room very close to my dad's room). She said no. "He has a cat.

I don't want you to go over to anyone's place who has a cat."

At that point, I had it. I was done. My own parents were turning against me. I went full tantrum sicko mode.

"That's stupid!" I said.

"I refuse to listen to these stupid rules!"

I listed all of the people who have cats that were inviting people to their houses over the next week (we have a week off school because of Eid), and said,

"I'm going, no matter what you say about it."

She said, "You have allergies! Who'll take you to the hospital if you have an asthma attack?" Yes, I'm allergic to cats. But I'm growing out of it. It won't kill me.

Of course, my mom brought up the time I went to my friend's house who had a cat and ended up hospitalized with pneumonia and bronchitis a week later (I swear it was totally unrelated.

It wasn't even that bad! Just a tiny lung grossnasty). I gave up arguing, punched a wall, and went back to the practice room to play bubble trouble even more angrily.

After two failed attempts at the game, my dad called me into his room. I angrily walked in, and my mother was there. They said, "Do you really want to stay at home alone?"

I said "YES! Yes please!"

So they said, "Alright, would you like us to sell your airplane ticket to Bosnia, then?"

Moral of the story (not really a moral but whatever): I got totally pranked, and I'm going to Bosnia tomorrow for a week.


This means that tonight (or during Social Studies class) I'll be writing up a bunch of poems to quickly post daily because I'll have limited internet but I still want to post poems every day.

I may not respond to comments very quickly after tomorrow because I want to spend the least amount of time on the internet.

(Also, I'm not mad at my parents at all (they're wonderfully amazing). I'm glad we both understand that making me stay at someone else's house for a week is a complete joke).

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