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bruvton Mężczyzna pije
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This idea that I have can boost your book sales, and if you've never published a book, make you some money.

Make Money on Commaful?

I have an idea that may be able to help Commians (Commafulers? Commafarians? Commanders?), the people of Commaful, whatever we're called, make money here on Commaful.

I'm not talking huge amounts, I'm just thinking a small monetary reward for being awesome.

How, you might ask?

With sites such as and maybe even Amazon Self Publishing that offer a program in which you may have affiliates, I may answer.

This means people market your books and get a small percentage of the profits from the copies sold because of them.

If a buyer clicks on the affiliate's referral link and buys the product, the affiliate can make whatever percent of the royalties you want to let them take.

This way, you make money and book sales, and the affiliate makes money, too! It's a win-win situation.

It's really hard to earn money as a writer and get sales as a self-publisher, but this can change.

There could be a section in the Commaful Discord channel where people discuss affiliations.

You could have exclusive affiliations where you only accept the most popular Commarades, or have your affiliation open for everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. This is kind of hard to explain and may be hard to understand.

Random thought: Commaful itself is selling a book on Amazon (Hope, Depression, and Potatoes. Look it up, it's great).

If Amazon Self Publishing has the affiliates program, then Commaful itself could have affiliates for the book.

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