Submissions are now closed
Submissions are now closed youtube stories

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Submissions are now closed. Stay tuned for another similar opportunity in the future!

I'd love to see people on Commaful have their works read aloud on YouTube! Submit one or two of yours so that I can film myself reading it! (Please read all the way to the end)

Submissions are now closed

I want to record myself reading your Commaful posts and upload it to YouTube! This will help broaden your audience, and it's a valuable learning experience for all of us.

If you want to be featured in the video, please put a link to one or two of your best posts in the comments.

If you just say something like "check out my account and choose randomly" I'll most likely only read your most recent post.

The reason I want to do this is that it's very important to hear others read your poems and short stories out loud to understand better how your audience interprets your ideas and general flow.

You can also have a deeper insight into what works within your piece and what does not in your opinion.

In addition to this, I will post the links to the posts and accounts of everyone who is featured in the video description.

This means that you, as an artist, will have a bigger audience and your work will get more exposure.

I encourage you to put out a post asking for submissions for your own YouTube videos where you'll read other people's posts, as well.

I would love to see people reading each other's posts aloud more often to help us all grow as artists, as I believe this is a very important process.

If you decide to make a similar post to this one, direct message me a link and I'll shout it out.

Additionally, if you have any videos where your work is being read aloud on video by anyone, direct message me a link. I'd love to watch it!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Submission guidelines: I prefer flash fiction and poetry, so keep that in mind. Your posts should be appropriate for audiences who are 13 years or older, and preferably with limited swearing.

Otherwise, go ahead and show me your favourite posts! I'm really excited to see what becomes of this!

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