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Interview With @charliesheldon stories

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A review with @charliesheldon. I love the answers given! Don't forget to share your answer to the question charliesheldon asked!

Interview With @charliesheldon

1) What inspires you to write?

I am inspired to write by my fellow writers here on Commaful and from other books and media. Reading fuels the imagination and I always seem to want to do my own take on scenarios I read.

2) Describe your favourite story or poem that you wrote. What's it called? What's it about?

My favourite story I've written is called How You Like It. It is a story about a young woman who runs an okonomiyaki stall in Japan and her brush with the emperor's son.

I have a fascination with Japanese culture and finally plucked up the courage to try writing a story set there. I think it paid off.

3) What's your least favourite or most embarrassing poem or story you wrote? Describe it.

Recently I found the manuscript for a book I began writing when I was thirteen, seven years ago. It was one of the earliest pieces of writing I made and its...not good.

It was to be called Nerd Girl and followed the life of a highschool nerd and her older friends she only saw at anime conventions.

4) What's a tip or piece of advice you have for other authors on Commaful?

Often times I get writers who ask me how to grow their audience, and I always say first and foremost engage with the community. Some members are sure to return the engagement.

Making friends and genuinely playing nicely with your "competition" will get you noticed.

5) Picture a scenario where you have two options: You can write a poem or story that you enjoy writing but can only get a maximum of 12 likes, or you can write something that you don't enjoy writing and end up getting a minimum of 100 likes. Which one would you choose?

For me, my writing is supposed to be a career one day.

Considering that, I have already been commissioned to write a few pieces on topics I don't really care about, so I'm pretty good at writing for likes.

Since in this scenario I'll be posting it either way, and I only do that on pieces I feel like need to be or should be shared, I'd pick the 100 like post.

6) What's one question you think I should ask in the future, along with your response to said question?

One question I would ask someone I'm interviewing is "Why writing rather than some other art form like drawing or music?"

7) What's one change you'd like to see change in the world, and what would you do to make that change if you won the lottery?

I'd like it to be that there is no inequality when it comes to the protection of unique identities in a charter of rights that could be applied and upheld in all countries in the world.

It would include protection from discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, and so on. It would provide as the basis for a world of equal opportunity.

In regards to winning the lottery, I would either put the money towards education for all, in particular in regards to diversity education in our increasingly globalised world.

Putting the money towards education would hopefully lay the groundwork for this time of charter or declaration.

Alternatively, I would spearhead a summit of global leaders to discuss the importance and implementation of protection from discrimination in their individual countries charters and declarations of rights and freedoms.

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