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Thank you, Commaful, for another extremely successful collab! The other writing websites certainly couldn't compare to the quantity of your submissions! The credits are in the comments, as well as the link to the next collaboration.

Heads Up!

I won't give up or fake it, I won't be a pretender. I know that I can make it. I know that I'm not tender. The tough times are done. They're just a thing to remember. And as a wise man said, "Never give up. Never surrender."

They always told me I should give up, that losing is ensured. They said I should forget my dreams, I'm nothing but a failure. But those cruel words were the fuel to keep my fire burning The hero will turn out to be the one they've all been spurning.

It's not easy to yourself be true, not to just pretend, for so many pressures will on you just ascend; believe that you've the right to be, don't let yourself descend to levels far beneath you, when those views you must defend.

You see these burns, these scars? They reflect who I am. You think that I'm sub-par? I'll beat you gram for gram. Despite the many memories that you see on my skin, You'll find that my strength is found deep, deep within.

Chin up, march on, giving up is never an option. Tear up the dark clouds for a sunny affirmation. Plan smarter, work harder, make a roaring commotion. Steal rainbow colors for a winsome celebration.

Can’t make me quit, you can’t hold me back, My path is well lit, I’ll follow the track With steel in my gaze I’m on the attack. I’ll press always onward, I’m a true maniac.

You see, you think you had it all figured out, Attempting to make me go North when my destination was South, I knew you were vile,this I will not doubt, The way you thought you knew what my fight was about .

So I will fight with all my heart, and fight with all my soul Knowing the obstacles standing in my way is just the beginning of the start I will gather my strength and my courage for I am the only one that is in control

They make me break down, but do it slow down. They beat me as well as I live, wanting to see how I will drown. Made me break down to the floor, but I stand in the downtown. It's like a ring; I had stumbled on the floor, my face has a frown. ------------>

The only thing they did it's a bit of a pain in my feet; hit the ground. They try to kill me or make me completely break down. They waste their own time because I do not want to give up. They make me stumble, but they can't make me fall down.

So you can watch as I rise, There ain't no goodbyes. You could break me once, now pain has become my salvation. The more you try to tame me, More ferocious will I become.

This night I bloom among the stars; a brighter moon in butterscotch light. For dark is solely an opportunity to display my glory, however wounded, I will fight. Rip off the pen from destiny's hold; you're not pleased with your story? Rewrite. I've let go of the puppet playset, no more pretending; I'm proud of what I am on the inside.

Keep moving my dear friends, with the brain illness with no end in sight, The one on the inside that leaves us shattered with no light, A lose, lose as some would say, As there is no hope to make this go away, Define ME, the hell it will, I will beat this by pure free will

And shall I live again My illness will pass away From my brain, and body I will live again without the voices Telling the fallacies That I once believed

And I believe I will be newborn, my powers Will outshine you one day And my loose will be rewarded Like tree who shed it leaves for new one I will shed of my fears And wear coat of challenges and determination

Indestructible, my terror is something to behold, starving my failures and feeding my focus, you can't extinguish my fire, even sun bows down. you'll watch a glory, underneath the imperishable sky, marveling, itself at the miracle beneath it.

Fate sewed determination Inside of a hollow seed, Buried it among weeds And pleaded with it To grow.

Now it knows no bounds, Standing tall from the ground up; It wound up in the sky, Higher than high As the clouds roll by -

Do you dare to climb it?

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