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There's someone eating away my life.


She exists.

She is here.

She wants to be acknowledged.

She wants my attention.

It's eating me up.

"I'm better than you," she says.

"I'm better than you because I'm literal genetic scum," she brags.

She eats away at my life.

She eats away at my attention which I shall no longer give.

She eats away the souls of my friends.

"Oh, yeah, tell him that I'm breaking up with him."

"Let me gossip about how much I hate gossip."

She steals my friends, chews them up, spits them back out.

The return to enlightenment as new people.

Ruined by her riocentrism.

"She's a jerk, she treated me like trash," my friends say.

She takes offence to that and gets them in trouble.

She enters the class, crying.

"I got in a car crash!" she screams.

There was no collision.

Her parents were driving slowly when someone cut them off.

"I almost died!" she screams.

We ask if her parents are okay.

"Yeah, they're fine. But I almost died!"

In less than twelve hours since the crash, she posts online.

"Just overdosed. You might not see me again tomorrow."

My friends are concerned.

Is she okay?

She eats their attention.

"I'm glad you came to check if I'm alive. Do you have any questions for me?"

She overdosed on melatonin.

She took approximately 22 mg.

The human LD50 for the drug is undefined.

Because it almost cannot kill you.

100 mg causes 12 hours of drowsiness, nausea, etc.

It's no surprise we all hate you.

It's no surprise your previous friends hated you.

"My friends hate me. What are they doing wrong?" she says.

She doesn't change herself.

She changes her friends.

Stop eating our joy.

Stop eating our happiness.

Stop eating our attention.

Stop being in my life.

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