Age Limit Set on Playgrounds
Age Limit Set on Playgrounds yn stories

bruvton Θώθ, τι είναι αυτό?
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Fake news article created for Yesterday News. It was created because my friends and I got banned from the playground. Apparently 17-year-olds aren't allowed to have fun.

Age Limit Set on Playgrounds

People above the age of thirteen were recently banned from local playgrounds.

You may think, “Who cares?” Well, WHO (World Health Organization) cares! WHO and DIC (Diabetes International Clinics) have been teaming up to allow teenagers back on playgrounds.

They claim that playgrounds both relieve stress and keep teenagers fit and healthy.

Karen, a local mother, posted on Facebook, “Sketchy teenagers go to the playground to do disgusting things such as play tag and have fun! They might get injured!

Why can’t people just be ascended straight from hell like me and skip the useless stages of childhood?

” Karen is known mainly by her campaign, “Outdoor Teens”,

which was a group of moms who would raid houses and destroy teenagers’ phones so that they would do more productive things with their lives, such as go outside.

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