A Historic Moment in my Writing Career!
A Historic Moment in my Writing Career! free stories

bruvton Sorry for replying to comments so late!
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My magazine is out! This contains details, and a code to download it for FREE!

A Historic Moment in my Writing Career!

I finally published my first magazine! Well, I was just the editor. It can be downloaded here: https://payhip.com/b/iVwd.

The first ten people to download it get it for free! Just apply the coupon code FirstTen,Boi after clicking the Buy Now button. It works best on a computer.

If you want to help me sell it and earn money, message me about becoming an affiliate. Here is the description of the magazine:

The latest, greatest newspaper that has ever existed. The articles sandwiched in between this tree pulp (or radiation waves) are news articles that made history.

Along with news, there are very beautiful posters, coupons, comics, game... Only one game, but I didn't want to say there "are a game". Anyway, this magazine will absolutely blow you away.

The words are masterfully crafted, unlike the format, the ideas are curiously crafty, unlike the format, and the posters are somewhat not sucky, just like the format.

In other words, this has wonderful content and a sucky format. But trust me, it's worth it. Worth hours an hours of work to state that we are now published authors.

I mean, buy it if you want, we're just stoked to be online! It's definitely unique, even though unique is just what people use to compensate for lack of adequacy in every other field.

We are adequate in one field, though. We are very creative. I mean, informative. We report on all of the news too embarrassing for bigger news corporations.

There is one prerequisite for buying this magazine: a sense of humour.

Message me if you want to collaborate with me.

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