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bruisedmelodies 🌷🦋💫
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if your love was anything,
it would be everything.

your love

by bruisedmelodies

if your love was a song, it would be a hauntingly beautiful evergreen melody finely crafted by musical maestros.

if your love was a fairytale, it would be a story of the finest prince and his princess finding their happy ending.

if your love was a colour, it would be the deepest shade of red; warm, brilliantly vibrant and full of passion.

if your love was a flower, it would be a daffodil, blooming in the spring and leaving me cold in the winter.

if your love was a feeling, it would be the ultimate desire to have a sinful night with someone you can never have.

if your love was a place, it would be a tree house in the tallest tree, safe when i'm with you, but dangerous without you.

if love was a time, it would be the midnight before new year's day; the end and the beginning.

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