Lucas - Summary
Lucas - Summary lucas stories

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Lilith is constantly haunted by ghouls. At least, she was - until she met Lucas.

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Lucas - Summary

by BrookeKuipers

Lilith is a student at Lakeland High School. She's smart and enjoys school, but there's one problem - she's haunted by ghouls. No one else but her can see them.

They grab her clothes and pull her hair, they throw things across the room and make bad things happen around her. That is, they did.

Until she met Lucas.

The second she met Lucas her mind couldn't think about anything else. Literally. Not even the fact that her dad just committed suicide.

Add to the mix a jealous ex-boyfriend and ghouls that want to kill her at every turn and Lilith seems to be in quite a predicament.

Not to mention that cute, mysterious stranger who keeps saving her.

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