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Old love that never faded

Prison Break

After all these years, your smile

Makes my heart pound

like a teenage boy's seeing

his first crush

In my mind's eye, I still see you,

Radiant in that yellow summer dress

When I picked you up on our first date

We wear our unfailing love for each other

So clearly, strangers ask

if it were old love, rekindled

In the throws of our early passion,

I would wax poetic to you, on the phone

Knitting lines of love, out of rarified air

While I'd shared my love before

Never had it been stolen from me

In the instant of a summer shower

Even still, we are drenched in love

In our imperfectness, we somehow fit

Over the decades of love of others

We still fit

The years have changed us and still we fit

I wonder if I will love another like this?

Is there room for me to love another woman,

As fiercely as I love you?

You have somehow managed to do this...

To share your heart

I suppose that's why we fell in love so quickly

Your heart is enormous, it can be shared

Like an all you can eat gourmet buffet

I've never learned to keep my heart open like that

And that is just one more thing

For me to learn from you

My heart aches for you

The hole only filled when

The miles are replaced with

Your touch

Your smile, like a spotlight

Breaking the black night

Like a prison break

As we steal a few hours

My heart aching equally, whether from

Great pain or

Great love

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