Reasons why I love you

Reasons why I love you
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I love you

Reasons why I love you

You drive me so crazy

You have the biggest heart ❤️

When you laugh my heart seems to stop It’s music to my ears, and I love to be the one making you laugh.

You have the most beautiful eyes ever.

You fill my heart with love, and I didn’t think that I would ever open my heart the way I did for you to anyone ever again.

I trust you more than I have ever trusted anyone.

Your Italian accent is so sexy ( like really ) And I love when you try to teach me silly phrases.

You make me so angry sometimes, but then you make me so happy the other times.

We will never get bored of each other.

I love how sexual we are. & how much you love my body.

You are so insanely handsome I guess that’s more of a perk than a reason😍

We can never stay mad at each other no matter what was wrong.

I could give you an infinite amount of more reasons; But for now I will just leave you with these.

I love you in ways you’ll never imagine.

My ❤️ 🌎

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