Taking a break from you
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brieflyfeltwhats spoken is teenange emotion
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i hope he'll remember us when im back from my break

Taking a break from you

by brieflyfelt

I’m taking a break from you.

Because the thoughts of you I have, is no longer of the real you…

But of someone i remember you once were.

Someone I remember cared for me Loved the real me.

But first of all, i remembered, as someone that was true to me.

Because in a friendship, you don’t talk bad about the other, behind their back.

No…you stand behind them, push them forward from the back. Have you forgotten that?

Not talk bad about them, behind their back. I thought you knew that.

You still call us brother and sister when people ask. But you have yet to do a brotherly task.

You’re never there when I ask .

Why is that? It’s wired; you call us brother and sister, act like that, and then still think we'll last.

I’m not giving up on you… I’m simply just doing my own personal task…

Just for some time, because i can't bare to leave you behind.

I'm taking a break from you, so maybe one day we can meet again…

you'll remember all over again

we'll start all over again.

Start doing brother and sisterly tasks, and then this time hopefully it will forever last.

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brieflyfeltwhats spoken is teenange emotion
a year ago
Can I just look at you while I sip on this coffee liquor
this is a poem i wrote for her.

brieflyfeltwhats spoken is teenange emotion
10 months ago
I wanna live not just survive.

brieflyfeltwhats spoken is teenange emotion
a year ago
Fuck ups, they will always cost a lot.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
This was heart tugging but not breaking. It was a beautiful poem. The sentiments were so tender and well expressed. great poem!!!