I wanna live not just survive.
I wanna live not just survive. selfness stories
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brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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I wanna live not just survive.

by brieflyfelt

I wanna live NOT just survive.

That's why I'm leaving and never again looking behind.

I'm not cruel l'm doing this to be kind.

Get the stress and dislike off my mind.

I've lived with untrue memories, of you and I, for some time

I've realized that's why I've had struggles and why I every night end it with "well at least I survived".

I can't live like this, I'm out of breath living like this. can no longer keep this panic pace down long never ending halls, cluttered and covered with photos of who you really are.

The most narcissistic prick ever known to mankind and it making me sick.

I can't run anymore, in these ever ending halls.

The walls moves closer together forcing me to stand tall.

Forcing me to to stare into those walls.

Finally letting in the reality check.

And what I'm seeing is something I'll never forget.

You've completely chanced and I cant stand it..it's making me sick.

I wanna live not just survive so I'm sorry but I'm leaving you behind

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