Hey you, I think its time to say goodbye to you
Hey you, I think its time to say goodbye to you break stories

brieflyfelt whats spoken is teenange emotion
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this is not at all the best..but its personal and is something close to my heart. this is far from a poem, more like a letter..but i hope it will still do.

Hey you, I think its time to say goodbye to you

by brieflyfelt

hey you, i think its time to say goodbye to you.

But you are different.

you're not like one of those people you just give a goodbye hug and dont mind leaving your life.

you're different. This is different

This is not just a goodbye to you, but a goodbye to parts of me too

Saying goodbye to you

is like saying goodbye to my one true love and my first true crush. My future family plans has been crushed, and on top of that... im saying goodbye to my childhood too

The smart people say the first thought you have is what you where taught to think. The second is who you really are

The first time i saw her and you, i had to leave, because you introduced her as your new team mate. Team" Her and You"

My first thought where "fuck her, why not me and you".

we all know thats what jealousy makes you do.

It took me:

A heartbreak, foolish teenage mistakes, selfish word plays, to many packs of cancer sticks, fooling around with random chicks, quitting cancer sticks, getting my body into fitness shapes

And then to more days...to have the second thought.

"good for you, what makes you happy...makes me happy"

This is it.

goodbye to the thoughts of me and you. in those six months i grew. this is a break through


"goodbye to you".

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