a take on depression

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bridgetbrak Community member
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putting thoughts into words. it's a tsunami this time.

a take on depression

depression comes in waves

sometimes its a splash on the shore, just reaching your toes

sadness in the middle of a sunny, sunday afternoon

paralysis under blankets, pillow damp with salty tears

pretend smiles to assure loved ones you're okay

sleeping through appointments, ignoring phone calls

skipping breakfast and staring at nothing, cold coffee in hand

you carry on.

depression comes in waves

other times, its a tsunami, swallowing you whole

fatigue taking over your entire body, but your mind on a reel

and at the same time, your brain feels like sludge

days go by so slow, and after a week, you wonder where the time went

what did you do all week? memory isn't working

it's as if someone else is working your body,

it's like you're not even there, staring into space

everything passes by, but you don't feel it, you don't take it in

nothing feels real

engulfed in numbness

i forget what is real

what the point is

why am i here

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