Deities Of Dusk (For the Love of Hades) PART I written by: BriarBlackRose
Deities Of Dusk (For the Love of Hades)


written by: BriarBlackRose greekmythology stories

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He sought for his queen. He was given a mortal to be his betrothed. A maiden for his darkness and his love. Fated to rule their realm, she became a warrior for her denizens. Will she defeat their immortal enemy?

Deities Of Dusk (For the Love of Hades) PART I written by: BriarBlackRose

• • • " He's there alone in his throne, and when the day comes, he'll be with his queen...forever " • • • Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved.

Dedication •   •   • Dedicated to my dearest mother, Cristina, my grandmother, Eliza, my stage mother, Cherry, my supportive student teacher, Rizi, and to all my loved ones. •   •   •

Prologue I ran. I need to see him. I need to find him. Maybe he's hurt. I don't know what to do. I haven't thank him in all that he'd done for me. I looked at the east side of the field. There he was, lying on the cold ground. There's a big wound in his chest. No, this can't be. I rushed beside him. I can't take seeing him like this. "You came back" he said. "Of course I'll came back" I replied, tears start falling down my cheeks. "Damn, this is all my fault!" "At least.. At least I can see you one last time, my little flower" He said wiping my tears, taking a glance at my face. He smiled, painfully. "No, I'm getting the remedy. You'll heal, you'll get cured. You can't leave me, hades! You made a promise" "You will not make it. He's too powerful, it'll be dangerous for you" his voice cracked. "You need to save yourself. Go now!" "No!" I insisted. "I will try. Please hold on, Hades. Please! I will fight for you.. Please stay with me, I love you.." I wrapped my arms around him and covered him with my cloak. •••••••••• Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Throne Room •HADES• Centuries by centuries, decades by decades, year by year, Why do I have to suffer this consequence of being alone? After getting this realm, which me and my brothers draw lots from our father, Cronus the titan. All I got is nothing, but loneliness. Nothing but darkness. I once had Persephone but she left. She left with no return.  I always sat here, in my throne but there's no one to sit beside me. No one to hold my hand to share her warmth in this cold, painful place. "My Lord.." My servant approached, and took a bow. "Rise up, what is it Azael?" I asked calmly, looking at him. "Zeus, my Lord. He wants you to be in Olympus today" "Well then.." I snapped my fingers and he disappeared in front of me. ••••••••• Olympus Zeus' Realm Hera's Garden "You called for me brother?" "Yes" he answered, putting his two arms on the back. "What for?" We stroll on Hera's garden. It was beautiful here, but my palace is much more than this. Afterall, I'm the God of Wealth. It's just the fact that Olympus is filled with bright colors, while the Underworld is filled with dark ones. "I've seen you many years heavyhearted, despondent..." I looked straight to him. "What do you mean?" "I've seen you living in grief and sadness, brother. I know what's the cause of it.. the reason behind it" They all knew. "So what are you trying to imply?" "I have something for you to see.."

Chapter One: Fated •HADES• "She's the one destined for you, brother" said Zeus. "The fates told me about her" "...but she's too young" "That's why you have to wait.." I looked at the image of the girl formed from the waters of the fountain. "Just like what you've done to Persephone, Hades. You've waited for her." "Isn't this too much? I already lost my wife because of my failure as a husband. I may lose her..too" I replied seriously. "No, you've asked for your wife back. She may not be her truly, but this is all I can give" I nodded to what my brother said. "I didn't ask for perfection, Zeus" "I know, that's why she's the opposite of her. She's a bit more challenge to you, but still her heart is as pure as Persephone. Her voice as sweet as honey. Her laugh as beautiful as harmony. Telling you.. she'll be the one. She may not be the Goddess of Spring but she will be the true Queen of the Underworld realm" I stared blankly at Zeus at what he said about the girl. Honestly, I don't care if she's Persephone or not as long as she will love me. As long as she will accept me, as long as she will be there for me. Im grateful enough. "...but there will be consequences, Hades" said Zeus. I wasn't informed, but I should have known. Afterall, my brother is the God of all the Gods and Goddesses. Of course if you've asked something, there will be conditions and consequences. "What is it?" I asked coldly. "This is the first and last time I'll do this for you. She's a mortal. She's fragile and friable, but precious and priceless. You need to take good care of her, brother" "I certainly will" I don't want to lose my queen again. I promise. Wait, I don't who is she yet. How would I find her at the Mortal realm if I don't have any clue about her. "May I know her name?" I asked brother as we continued watching the girl stare with amusement at the sunset view from her window. "Her name's Kae" he answered. •••••••••• •KAE• The beautiful sunset on my window didn't fail to amaze me. I always adore it, especially the night and the stars. There are times that I will climb on the rooftop to lay down and stare at the stars, identifying different constellations. They're both beautiful. Later the night will come, and I will be dreaming of Aides again. Since I was 7, he's always appearing in my dreams. He's a good friend and a gentleman. All I know is I enjoy seeing him. He always tell stories, and make me smile. He even promised he will let me see his kingdom one day. "You're a king?" I asked. "Yes I am. Will you come with me someday?" "Yes. I bet it's happy there, Mr. Aides. Then I'll be your princess!" "No" he said, I felt disappointed. "Why?" "Because you're my queen" he answered. Oh, I forgot to mention. Everytime Mr. Aides appear on my dream, a black cat always comes out under my bed. I wonder why. After several years "Kae, next week is your birthday, right?" I smiled at belle for the thought. I guess, she understand that it's a yes. "What do you want for a present?" She added. "I like another book about Greek myth, belle. More about the God of the Underworld" I simply sat on the sofa and putted a pillow on my lap. "Again? That HADES again? For pete's sake, Kae you have plenty of books about him!" She said, exaggerating on what I've said, and simply pointed at the book shelf beside my bed. There's nothing wrong with Hades. I remembered the time when I first heard his name, it sounded familiar. It sounded like Aides, the man I used to see on my dreams when I was a child. Maybe I just don't know how to pronounce it when I was 7 or I just mispelled his name when I was a mere child. "Kae?" I stared back at belle who's talking to me earlier. "Is there something wrong if I wanted to know more about him and the greek myth?" I answered giving her a cold gaze. She sat beside me "It's not like that. You're like-It's just.. You know? For years being your friend, and being with you.. Aren't you tired of reading stories about him?" "No" I simply answered. "Fine, I'll buy you a different book about him AGAIN" She emphasized the word again. She stood up and walked to the door of my bedroom. "I gotta go now, Kae. I have some things to finish. Call me if you need something, and oh.. I bought donuts for you, it's in the refrigerator downstairs" she smiled. "That's very thoughtful of you.." I gave her an im-so-grateful-to-be-your-closest-friend look. "Don't mention it, your majesty" she giggled. She always tease me by calling me 'your majesty' because she thought I wanted to be a Goddess. Well, I admit it that sometimes I imagine of being one, but maybe that's because I read mythology books. I stared at the flower vase on top of my study table. It was beautiful.. And I still remembered when, how, and where did it came from. It was the time he really showed himself to me, and not in my dreams.  "Hey little flower, what are you doin'?" He asked, gladly while walking in front of me as I water the flowers using my hands. "Hello Mr. Aides! Im giving the flowers another life, because I don't want to see them die. They're thirsty, and I'm giving them water to drink" I said standing in front of him with my arms on the back. He visited me again. "Well then, do you want another flower for you to take care of?" He asked, and opened his hand. "These are called roses, but don't worry they're safe for you to touch. I aready cut the thorns for you" He handed me the beautiful flower. It's color peach with a bit pink on the middle. "Thank you mister-" before I could thank him, he disappeared. "-Aides.." I finished. I wonder where is he now. He rarely visit me at all since I was 15, mostly at my dreams. •••••••••• •HADES• Im a God and a King of this demesne, but I don't have a queen. That's why, I should have her. Few more days and I will see her again. I wonder if she will refuse me too like what Persephone did. I hope she'll not, all I want is her happiness. "Zeus, if the time came and she doesn't want to stay with me, I will not force her. I don't want to darken any light again just to be with me. I don't want her sacrificing her happiness for me. I will return her if this doesn't work" I told him, seriously with my arms crossed on my chest. "Just give her time to cope up with you. If still she refuses you, then let her go." Zeus answered frankly at me. That's right. Let her cope up. Count on her. Make her happy. Love her at your very best. That's what you need to do, hades. That's what you need to do. I hope she'll love the underworld realm. It isn't bad at all, but Poseidon told me that she loves Greek myth. Maybe she know it isn't creepy to be here, like what the humans think. So, I asked him how did he know. He said that Kae is fond of reading books about us, because Poseidon saw her reading books near the beach when she had her vacation. She's very beautiful for being a mortal. I mean, she really looks like a Goddess. "Azael" I called my servant. He came shortly. "Yes, my Lord?" "Prepare my queen's bedroom. Decorate it with everything she wants" he nodded. "Mr. Aides, look at what I did. I spelled your name!" She let me see the lettering she did. She mispelled it, but I understand. She's just a child. I smiled to her. "I don't know your last name?" She stared at me. Oh, that beautiful brown eyes. "It's Aidoneus, little flower" she pouted. "But that's too many letters" I laughed at what she said. After few seconds, she giggled with me too. When will I see that smile again? I went to my bedroom to take a rest. It was very tiring judging souls all day. It was very exhausting going to Olympus, and back here just to take orders and commands. "Just wait, you'll be with your queen" I remembered what my brother said. Just few more days, she will be with me in everything. She will be with me everytime I walk through the palace, everytime I'm tired, she will take care of me. •••••••••• •KAE• Just have to finish this food and after that, I can rest. One more spoonful of lasagna to ingest. "Ok, done" said to myself, while putting the dishes in the sink. I think I should wash this. Afterall, tomorrow I'll be doing things here in the kitchen. "You're usesless! Bitch! I don't love you anymore" That voice, it echoed on my mind again. It's Mack, my first boyfriend. I released a deep sigh as I reminisce our fight. He said that I'm useless, that's why he left me.  Actually, I don't believe him. I know he's already with another girl that time. The only thing I didn't expect is that he will choose that mean effin girl over me. Anyway, they're a great combination, a cheater and a slut. I lied on my bed after washing the dishes. So tired of things that happened this day, very draining and exhausting. "Little flower...." He said. "Aides.. You're here?" I ran to him. I smiled and felt his warm embrace. I missed him so much. "What took you so long?" I asked. "Just preparing things, little flower.." he aswered firmly. He touched my cheek with his left hand. Why do I feel like this? Why am I feeling this? His gentle touch felt like it's really meant for me. It felt like very...familiar. "For what?" What is he preparing for. He stared at me with his gray-blue eyes. "In the right time--" My head ached. I didn't know I had slept already. Wait. Did he just? He just.. He.. He appeared on my dream! I saw him again. "Meow.." The black cat looked at me and jumped out of the window. My eyes widened.

Chapter Two: Presage •KAE• Day before the birthday "Come with me, don't be afraid.." He asked firmly, offering his hand. I stared at him, speechless. What is Aides talking about? Why do I need to come with him? Why do I need to leave? "I know what you're thinking, I will bring you no harm. Trust me.." I didn't expect what he said. "Im not doubting you, and saying that you're not trustworthy, Aides. But? Where are we going? I don't understand?" "Please say yes that you'll come with me, Kae" this time, his eyes are pleading like he will lose me. His eyes are telling that he needs me. I don't know what to say. "It's alright if you don't want, my little flower. Maybe you've already forgotten the past when you said yes to me. Im really, sorry. I think.. I should leave" he looked away from me with so much pain in his eyes. Why am I like this? Why am I being affected in this affliction? He walks away and took few steps, like he had a knife in his chest. "Wait.." I said. He hurriedly looked back at me. I woke up as the daylight hitted my face from the window. Its already morning. Damn, I dreamed about him again! I can't always finish a dream with Aides. Why is my brain doing that all the time? So cruel. When I try to sit up, the black cat came out again from my bed. I checked the clock and it's already 9 am. Lucky that it's saturday, no classes, no stress, no scheds and projects, but I still have things to do. My phone vibrated at the table, I looked to know who is it. 'From: Gyver To: Kae Good Morning Kae! Your birthday's tomorrow.  What's your plan? If you need some help for the preparations, text me back. Received 9:01 am' Gyver's my bestfriend also. Belle said that he have feelings for me but.. I think he don't. Besides, I treat him like a family. He's just a brother for me, and I don't want another heartbreak. I had so much pain, and that's enough. Tomorrow's the day, have to check the ingredients to buy in the market. I grabbed the list that I need, checked if there is anything I forgot. My phone vibrated again, maybe it's Gyver. 'From: Mom Demi To: Kae Good morning baby! Advance happy birthday, boo. Dad and I are sorry if we're not there for ur birthday. Pls dont be sad li'l munchkin, I'll buy you a gift here before we come home. U can enjoy all day just clean the house ok? I luv you! Xoxo take care, baby. Received 9:05am' I smiled after reading Mom's text message. Her name is Demetria Williams, wife of Eric Williams. They're my foster parents, but mom is the one that's close to me. She's my number 1 supporter in everything, including the girly stuffs. She's really concern about me. Well, there are times that she's not that expressive but I know she loves me. If there is anything in common that we like, it's the flowers. We love taking care of plants. I asked Mom how did she found me. "I was just locking the door of the house, one night of the spring season... I don't remember when exactly. I heard a baby cry outside the door. So I opened it to see if there's really one. I saw you in a basket, covered in cloth. You don't have anything with you. You know my heart is really sensitive right, I felt pity on you. I looked if there's anyone outside that left you there but there's none.." That's what she said to me. They named me Kae, because they said it just simply went in their minds when they we're thinking what to call me. Im very lucky for having them. Although, Dad is strict in everything, I understand his reason that he is doing this because he needs to take care of me. Going back to reality, I chose a black dress with a see-through design on the upper shoulders. Have I told you I love black. It looks elegant in my eyes. I tied my hair in a messy bun, put some lip and cheek tints, "..done now" Oh, I almost forgot, I also need to buy another black dress later, for my birthday. Maybe, a bit touch of white? And a pair of black ballerina sandals. Not so ballerina-like, but just close to what the Greek Gods are wearing as slippers. Cake? Hm, I can just make my own, but that needs more time and energy to use. Maybe, I'll just order from the cakeshop. Decorations in the backyard? I'll call Gyver and Belle to help. I went to the grocery to buy the things I need for tomorrow. Luckily, mom deposited some cash on my other account for my birthday, it was helpful on my part. The money that I only have is in my savings, for future purposes. After that, I looked for the dress I'll use for tomorrow. Fortunately, I found the one I liked best. When I came home, I started doing the graham cake, for desserts. I called Gyver and Belle so we can start making the designs in the backyard. I cooked for them so they can eat while working. "I don't know what to give her.." I heard what Gyver whispered to Belle, while I was fixing the flowers made of crepe paper. I was attaching it to one another. I was acting that I was busy and I can't hear them. "Nah, Gyv just give her something related to this greek mythology stuffs or that Hades ..guy. Give her anything!" Belle answered. "But this is her eighteenth birthday.. It's special." I was delighted on what Gyver said. "Oh c'mon gyver, you know that only books or paris, the stars, the night sky and the flowers are the things that can only make her happy" "Ok, you're right. I have an idea what to give her now.." I can see at the side of my eyes that he's smiling. Seriously, every birthday of mine, I don't want other gifts but just only Aides' I remembered when I turned 10, he appeared on my dream, and he gave me a necklace with my name on it. Suddenly, when I woke up, there was a black box with a ribbon on my study table. I opened it, and there it was! the necklace he gave me. Then, I saw a black cat came out my bed. When I turned 14, he gave me a moon bracelet. He knows I love the night sky, especially the moon and stars. I told him that he don't have to give me presents but he insisted. The moon pendant on the bracelet glows in the dark. Then the black cat came out from the bed again when I woke up. His presents are all hidden in a big box, which I made by myself. It's very precious to me. Aides is already a part of my life. "Kae?" Belle waved in front of me. "I was calling you five times already. It seems like you're thinking about something.." "It's nothing" I answered dryly. I wonder what will he gave me this time. Wait.. I remembered he was begging me to come with him in my dream? •••••••••• Hades' Demesne Underworld Realm Master's bedroom •HADES• My head ached, I came to her as a black cat again. I spoke in her dream, trying to convince her to come with me. If only she said yes. But... No. No, Whatever it takes I should have her. Afterall, she's my fated queen. Tomorrow's the day, the most awaited time. My servants are preparing everything. Everything should ran smoothly, from the grand entrance, to her bedroom, and the dinner. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw a man with everything. But there's still something missing. I asked this myself a million times but.. Will she accept me? I know I've been there for her through thick and thin, but will she remember me? I'm gonna take her from the mortals, and I know it will shock her. Maybe I should explain her everything. What should I say the first time she'll step here? I faced the mirror and uttered some words to practice myself. "Hello, little flower I'm Hades. I'm the one you used to call Aides.." Damn, that's an ugly introduction. "Hello Kae, I'm Hades! The powerful God of the Underworld" That's being too much self-conceited. "My queen, I'm hades. The one and only, I'm yours and you're mine" That's gross! I tried another. "Welcome to the underworld, this is yours now. Live with me, I'm hades and you're mine only! Understand?" That's too possessive. And another. "Hello queen, I'm gonna be your future husband. We'll make babies! By the way, my name's Hades" That's ridiculous! And another. And another.. And another... And another.... And.. Damn, I don't know how to do it right. That's because I just abducted Persephone a long time ago. Now, I'm having a hard time welcoming my future and fated wife. I heard a knock at my door. "My lord?" It's Azael. "Come in" He opened it and took a bow. "King hades, the chefs are having a hard time about the food that they will cook for the queen. They don't have any idea, what will fit to her taste" He's right. We don't have any idea, and she's a mortal. Compared to us, a Goddess will just eat anything, and we can also survive not eating at all. "I'll take care of it. Just tell them to be ready for tomorrow if she will ask anything to eat" He left and closed the door. "Mr. Aides where do you live?" She asked staring with her brown eyes. "It's far, Kae" "In a far faraway place? How come you can appear on my dreams? And you visited me once?" She seriously asked, seeking for answers. "Do you live in my mind? Are you just imaginations Mr. Aides? Don't you have airplanes and it takes you days to visit me here?" I sighed on what she said. I'm not allowed to see her in the mortal realm, that's why im just travelling through her dreams. I just visited her once, and Zeus became mad when I left. When I came back, he said that I'm too impatient. I'm not allowed to go near her, but just talk to her in her dreams. "In a far faraway kingdom, little flower"

Chapter Three: Ineluctable Fate Mortal Realm Kae's house At the backyard •KAE• Everything's finished and done. Im just waiting for them to come. I stared at my dress and the sandal that I bought. I hope that I look so daring and fierce on what I'm wearing tonight. I hope that somewhat I look like a Goddess.. "Kae!" I knew it. This girl will be the first to come. "Here's my gift! Here's my gift!" Belle said. She handed me a rectangular-shaped present in a black gift wrapper. It has a white ribbon. My heart wanted to jump. It's another book. I hugged her so tight. She knew I can buy those books, but I'm putting my money in my savings. "Sorry, I know it's simple" she said, with an apologetic look. "Hey stop it! it's very special for me! Another one to be part of my bookshelf." "Well, next time I'll give you a bookshelf instead of a book" she giggled. "Happy Birthday, Your Highness!" This time I'm the one who laughed. "Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday, Happy birthday... Happy birthday to you!" There they are, Gyver, Liam, Veronica, Stephanie, Victoria, Chris, Lucas, Edward, Vanessa, Michelle, Sophia, and my classmates. They came to me and gave their presents. We started the party, Belle and I assisted them. We told them where the foods are. Then we started the 18 candles, wherein the girls will give messages to me, mom should be one of them but she wasn't here. Then the 18 roses wherein the boys will dance with me after giving a rose, dad should be one of them also, but he wasn't here. Then the 18 treasures, 18 drinks, and so much more. "Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!" They all yelled. "Blow the candle, Kae!" Lucas shouted. They all sang a happy birthday song again. Belle was holding the microphone "Make a wish, your highness!" She said, then I looked at her. I looked back at the cake, and closed my eyes. There are two wishes that I thought: I wish to know my true purpose. I wish that there will be someone who will love me, and save me from my own chaos. I opened my eyes and blew the candle. "Happy Birthday Kae!" They were dancing, singing, talking, and so much more. The girls were having a good time eating the ice cream and the cake. I bet they like the taste.  The boys drank the "Johny Walker Red label" dad gave me before they left. He said it's for my birthday. I missed them both so much. "Kae, c'mon have some drink" Michelle said handing me a shot. "Later girl, I'll just eat. Starving to death.." I answered. The music was so loud it could've blown out my eardrums. Lucas was in-charge in it. I'm glad everyone was enjoying. •••••••••• Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Palace •HADES• I sat at my black marbled throne. I faced where the rainbow beam hits the floor from the chandelier on the ceiling. Atleast somehow, it keeps away the gloomy ambiance of the throne room. What I feel is a mixture of fear and excitement. My queen will be here tonight. Cerberus ran and sat beside me. "You cannot just keep me down here and expect me not to see my mother!" Persephone said. "I am here, you have me. Am I not enough?" I argued. "She is my mother, hades! You can't just keep me locked up in this hell with no sun or my mother!" She replied furiously. I thought about Persephone again. Imagine, I have anything. I have all the precious metals like the rubies, sapphires, amethyst, emerald, garnets, and diamonds. I have all the luxury, the wealth. I gave her everything yet she didn't chose me in the end. She was the only happiness I had, but she didn't felt happy with me. It's been years since she left and refused to be my queen. I glanced the entrance of the throne room. A grayish-black smoke entered and with just one blink the three fates appeared. "It's time, King of the Underworld" Atropos said. "It's time for you to go in the mortal realm" Lachesis added. I stood up, and so did Cerberus. I shook my head as a sign of "no" and he sat again. "Use your pegasus" Clothos said and I nodded. I don't want to frighten her by riding other creatures. "We know what will happen, don't talk to her as long as you're in the upper world. Explain everything when you get back here" The smoke returned and wrapped the three fates. Then they disappeared. I called Azael to get the pegasus. I waited at the gates of the underworld. I rode the black pegasus, ready to fly up. "Wait for me, my queen. I'm coming" •••••••••• Upperworld Land of the Mortals I saw little flower wearing a black and white long dress. She's beautiful like the night and the stars. I missed her brown eyes. I missed her smile, her cheeks. I missed talking to her. I missed everything about her. I stared at the black rectangular box I held. It contains a necklace inside that I will later give to her as a present. She always love presents, but I always feel how her heart beats when I'm the one giving gifts to her. "Come back here, Kae!" I heard someone yelled. Little flower, ran outside crying and frightened. I remembered when she was left by a man that she used to love. She cried the whole day that I can felt her tears from the Underworld. She became broken, and I know that she didn't ate for days. She just stayed at her room and read books. Everytime she sleeps, I always appear to comfort her. The fates are right about saying that she's too fragile. You can easily make her happy, but she can easily be lonely. She can easily be loved, but you can easily make her broken. I became furious upon seeing her like that, but I also felt that it's time to take her now. I followed her as fast as I could. Afterall, I'm invisible in the eyes of the mortals. She's an exception to that, because she's special. I put aside the anger that I felt because I heard her sob deep from her heart. I really wonder what happen. "Please don't cry little flower. Please don't cry.." I whispered. Then suddenly, she fell. •••••••••• •KAE• I am sitting in the sofa with Gyver. We're both drunk. Well, I'm a little bit drunk but not that much. "Kae?" He grunted. I looked at him and I saw that he's crying. "Hey Gyv, what's the problem?" I asked. I smelled his manly scent. "Kae, Y-You know? I-I've been in love with you for a long time.." His hands are making gestures which justifies that he's really drunk. "When will you learn to love me? I've b-been here for you all t-the time!" "Gyver, I cannot love you. You're a family to me" I said staring blankly at him, then I looked away. He'd been hearing this answer from me most of the time. I know in his eyes that he knew I will answer this. Until I met his gaze again, and that is just what I thought. "Family?" His tears stopped. "Kae, Do you know how much I loved you? For all the years, I've been waiting for the right time to come! I've been waiting for you long enough and you just wanted me as a family? Why can't you love me, huh? Tell me!" He raised his voice, and held me at my two shoulders with his two hands. It felt like his holding too much emotion. I cannot see the Gyver that I used to know anymore. He's like someone else. I tried to take his hands off my shoulders. "Gyv, calm down. We can talk about this for some time. You're drunk." I said calmly. "I don't freakin' care if I'm drunk, Kae. I want you!" He pulled me to his. He's giving me chills, and making me nervous right now. Then, he tried to stole a kiss from me. Luckily, I was able to block him. "C'mon Kae, I will make you happy!" "Gyver! Stop! Don't!" I managed to scream for help, but Lucas' music was so loud. I pushed him, and tried to escape will all my strength. I got the chance and I ran outside using the other door. "Come back here, Kae!" He yelled but I didn't listen. He tried to follow me but his knees are shaking because of his drunkenness. I ran. And ran.. And ran... And ran.... Then suddenly, everything turned black. *minutes later* I tried to opened my eyes but my head ached. A man was holding me like his bride. I cannot move. "Who are you?" I mumbled, but I guess he did not heard me. I was still feeling dizzy. I tried to remember everything, but nothing came to my mind. He walks briskly. I cannot see his face because I cannot fully open my eyes, but I hear that he breathes heavily. He's like escaping from someone or something that I don't know. I tried to think of things. Damn, maybe he's a kidnapper. Maybe he will dissect me and sell my organs. He will get my liver, or my teeth, or eyes, or intestines, or esophagus, or worse.. my heart. No, no, no, I don't wanna die early. I still have plans. I still have goals in the future. I tried to think more and analyze the situation, but I couldn't. I need to calm down, and rest my body, because my head is aching. So I didn't mind him anymore, and I closed my eyes again. I saw three women in black hoodies holding looms. I was walking towards them. "Fated one, we are the three fates. We know you'd come. We will tell you your true purpose and who you really am" Good riddance! The three fates of the greek mythology. They appeared on my dream, or was it only a product of my brain? I stood in front of them with confusion. I do not know what to say. I tried opening my mouth then I'll close it. Open then close, and when I finally managed to utter some words, "You know me?" I asked. "Of course, Kae. You are destined to be a queen. The prophecy tells that you will have the mindset of a goddess, and a heart of a warrior. You will rule a demesne with all you can. You are everything all at once." the woman on the middle said, and I believe that is Clothos. "Everything? Queen? Goddess? Warrior? I don't understand. What demesne? And I do not know anything about ruling?" "There's a reason for everything that happens. You will know in the right time, at the right place, and from the right person" they all said.

Chapter Four: Embracing Verity Underworld realm Hades' Demesne Palace •KAE• I woke up in someone's arms. I looked at him but he is busy walking. He didn't realize I'm awake. Who is this man? And.. Where am I? Wait maybe this is just my imagination, a work of my brain. This is just a dream, Kae. Using my finger, I poked his cheeks. He looked at me with confusion. "You're awake" he said, then he smiled. Geez, his eyes. His grey eyes, and the smile, and his pointed noise, and his voice. Damn, when he spoke, I swear I can't breathe. C'mon Kae back to reality, you don't know this guy. I stared at him blankly, and he looks familiar. He put me down, but my knees are kinda shaking. I managed to stood up. "Are you okay?" He asked again. I think I'm gonna melt, stop talking Mr. I-don't-know-who. I coughed to signal that I'm going to talk. "First, I'm okay.." He gazed at me. I noticed his clothes. He wears a black cloak, a black armour, and a black sandal. "Second, I don't know you. Third, I don't know where am I?" I added. He wears all black. He didn't speak for a while. I waved in front of him. "You look beautiful" Huh? "Mr. I-don't-know-who, that is not the answer for my question" "I know.." He said coldly. "Little flower" I froze where I stood. There is only someone who calls me in that name. "You are in the land of the dead" He added. I wanted to talk but I couldn't. My mind told me to shut up and don't start talking. "I'm a God.." He said without looking at me. A God? In the land of the dead? And he called me little flower? There is only one God in greek mythology who rules the land of the dead. "Are-Are you-" "Yes. Welcome to my demesne. I'm Hades, Lord of this realm" "But you called me-" "Little flower?" He walk towards me, and grabbed my hand. "I'm the one you used to call Aides, my lady" Damn, this is not good. I knew it. I knew that 'Hades' and 'Aides' sounds similar to each other. Why didn't I realize that? I'm so dumb. "Am-Am I dead? How did I died? W-Why am I here?" My words are stuttering. We started walking but he doesn't let go of my hand. It's getting cold. It's dark, and the cold is giving shivers to my spine. He gave me his cloak to cover me. "I'm sorry but you need to rest, little flower. I'll answer your questions at dinner" Before I could reply, a servant of his own went to us, and he bowed. "Azael.." Hades said to him. Why am I not speaking? "Lead Kae to her bedroom" then he let go of me. Suddenly I missed the warmth of his hand. We went in my so called bedroom. "Your higness-" "Please, Azael don't call me in that way" I said to him seriously. "Just-Just my lady" Belle is just the one who calls me in that name. Besides, I don't freaking know why I'm here. Why do they treat me like I'm special? I know in myself that I'm not from the royal family of England for them to call me as 'their highness' "Yes, my lady. This is your bedroom.." He replied and we went inside. I was surprised that my shoes, posters of harry potter, the bookshelf, pillows, blankets are already there. "Your clothes are there in that door on the left, and that door on the right is your bathroom" "Thank you, Azael. May I ask you a question?" "I believe that your questions, my lady are for king hades to answer. It is not mine" Geez, he knew what I was going to ask. How did that happen? "Just call me if there is anything you need, my lady" He bowed, and left. A big bed, with a black carpet beneath. A small chandelier for light. A big room for a single person. I might be freaking crazy. I need to wake up in this effin dream. I lay on the bed and hugged my pillow. "Kae, you're going to sleep. Then, you're gonna wake up. You're not yet dead. Ok?" I said to myself. *Hours after* I woke up, and I'm still in ths freaking bed. I'm still wearing my black and white dress, and my sandal. Damn, I covered my face with my pillow. This isn't funny anymore. "Why can't you wake up in reality Kae! This is what's going to happen when you're too fond" I hit my face the pillow. "Of-" I hit my face again "Reading-" and again "Books!" And again. "C'mon imaginations cooperate now! I need to wake-" I heard three knocks on the door. "Argh!" Geez, why is this happening to me? "My lady? Are you alright?" "No" I answered dryly. "I mean yes!" I added. "King hades, wanted you to join him for dinner" Dinner? I don't want dinner. I want answers, not food. I didn't answer for a minute or two. When I already managed to speak, "I'll just come if I want" I told him. "But my lady-" "You heard me, Azael. Just leave.." I said to him. "Please.." Then I heard him left. I think of what I will do for few minutes. Shouldn't I come? Or should I? Aides-i mean Hades is a God. He's a Lord of the Underworld realm, A king of his demesne. Fates, answer me, why am I here? Why am I with him? Is he going to punish me? Okay fine. I should come. I should look for answers. I went outside and left my bedroom. "Azael?" I called. He came hurriedly in front of me like a lightning flash. "Can you lead me to the dinner?" He nodded. The palace is too vast. We walked for about five minutes. We came in front of a big door. He knocked then he opened it. There I saw a long table with many foods. My mouth watered. Hades was on the other side. "Sit here beside me" His husky voice echoed on the big room. I sat on the chair beside him. "Eat.." "Hades I-" "I would answer your questions if you eat" I stared at the dishes placed on the table. My stomach wanted to eat, but my brain says the opposite. "I know in books that if you eat something here you will not be able to go back in the upper world.." I said proudly. "So I refuse to eat" I met his gaze, and I felt like he got mad on what I said. "Then starve" He said dryly. "You wanted answers right?" He said without looking at me. "You're not dead. You're here because you're my fated queen" What? He's gotta be kidding me. "Queen? Hades I'm not persephone-" this time, he looked at me with his fiery eyes. "I know you're not her" "Then why I am here? Mom and dad will be very angry at me if they come home with the house looking messed up. Also, I don't have any idea why do I have a big bedroom with my things there, and why do you say that I'm your queen! I know I'm only dreaming right? Tell me" "You're not" he dropped his fork and knife. "This is not a dream, Kae. This is all real" "T-then explain to me that Aides thing. Explain to me why am I your fated queen? I'm not a goddess, Hades. I'm a mortal from the upperworld with no p-powers or anything" "First, what your bedroom looks in the upperworld is just copied here for you to be comfortable. Second, you couldn't pronounce Hades correctly when you were a child. I'm the black cat under your bed. I always visit you in your dreams to watch you, to talk to you, to be with you" "Then why me!" "Why you?" His voice became serious. "I don't know. You cannot defy fate. That is what has been destined. You cannot do anything about it" "Can I c-come back?" "No" "Hades, where is Persephone? Where is your queen? W-why do you have to get me?" Tears started to roll down my cheeks. I miss my life on the mortal realm, my family, my friends. "You don't have to know about her" "I have to" I'm now crying in front of a God. "Please don't cry.." And now he cares? "Please don't try to be a gentleman, I'm asking you" "Persephone left me a long time ago." She left him? "But why? The books say that you are with he-" "Books are sometimes lying, Kae. Sometimes they are saying the truth but sometimes they don't" I sniffed, and I suddenly felt his deep emotion. "Yes, we we're together once, but she chose to left me. She chose to be the Goddess of spring. Her mother protected her, and they went to a place wherein I couldn't find them or any of the Gods. She isn't happy with me." I stopped sobbing. I felt the pain in his heart. I know the feeling of being left alone. It hurts so much, that it's like crushing your bones. "And that is why.. the fates gave you" I couldn't speak anymore. I think I froze on what he said. "I'm sorry for bringing you here without saying it to you clearly." He said, apologetically. "Also if you wondered, you we're running earlier in the mortal realm crying. I followed you, you weren't looking where you're going. That's why you bumped in a post and fell on the ground" Running? I tried to remember the memory. Fortunately, it came back to my mind. He reached his hand and wiped my tears. Then he sat again. "May I know why did you cried earlier?" He asked. I looked at his eyes which is full of concern. So, he is the one visiting me for years, huh? A King, a Lord, a God? Who is always there to comfort me. Now, I'm in his palace, in front of him. I don't know what to feel. I'm not sure if I'm going to be amazed because I'm here, or to be frightened because I'm with the Lord of the Underworld realm? "G-gyver" I uttered. "He had feelings for me and I s-said to him that he's just a f-family. He got mad and tried to harass me because he's drunk. I was screaming and crying but I was able to escape" I looked back at Hades and his eyes got fiery again. "That fool! I have to punish hi-" "No, it's ok. I'm alright now.." "Are you sure?" He asked and his grey eyes went back. "Yes" I answered. We stared at each other for a minute. I wanted earth to swallow me, but I remembered I'm already here at the bottom of it. "Is it safe to eat this?" I broke the silence. "It came from the upperworld, safe for you to eat" he smiled. "You will not be bound here if you eat it" I raised an eyebrow on him. "How can I be sure?" "I swear on the river styx" he said. I knew that when a God swears on that river, it is unbreakable or else, the consequences will be worse. I managed to get pasta, white spaghetti to be specific. When I couldn't reach it, Hades helped. I tasted, and it's delicious. Geez, this is my favorite, and I'm already starving to death.

Chapter Five: Subterfuge Olympus Zeus' Realm Dining Hall •HADES• "Brother?" I walked towards Zeus. "They said you called for me?" It's already morning, and I bet little flower is already awake, except if she's a sleepyhead. After we ate dinner last night, I told her to sleep because it's already midnight. She doesn't believe me at first. I lead her inside her bedroom and she thank me for the dinner. "Thank you, My lord" "Don't call me like that, you already said my name earlier" "I apologize for that. You're still the king of this realm" she answered. "..and you're the queen" I whispered "Huh?" "Nothing, just Hades is fine. Goodnight, little flower" I bowed my head and left her bedroom. I wanted to say I love you, but I keep it to Goodnight. It's because love will mean some falling, and she's afraid of.. heights. Besides, I'm in the process of letting her love me. Earlier this morning, hermes came. The messenger of Zeus. "Uncle?" "Call me uncle again and I'm gonna let Cerberus run to y-" "Sorry, King Hades" he laughed. I gave him an I'm-not-kidding look. "What is it?" I asked dryly. "Zeus wants you in his palace" I nodded and he bowed. I snapped my finger to let him disappear. I don't want any Olympian in my realm. I came back to reality when Zeus came in front of me. "Yes, I heard that you already met your queen" He said leading me to their dining table. "Last night" I answered. Suddenly, the whole family came except the twins, Apollo and Artemis. "We'll celebrate today" Hera said. I stared at them blankly. So, they called me here just to celebrate? What a worse of time. "She didn't yet agreed to marry me and be my queen" I told them with a cold gaze. "Well at least you met her already and that'a big start!" Athena said with her thumbs up. They all sat around the table. "I don't have time for this." I told them. All of their eyes are pleading like a puppy. "Hey brother, look! We're here because there will be someone to be part again of our family. We're celebrating here, c'mon! Don't kill the joy" Poseidon said abruptly. "Fine" I sat again. "..but I'm gonna leave before midnight" "Yes, leave if you want to" Servants of Olympus placed dishes on the table. I didn't ate that much because I'm not hungry. I'm worried about Kae being alone in the palace, although I told Azael to look after her. After we ate, they started talking, and asking about her. "Are we just gonna sit here and talk? Can we drink?" Dionysus said. Zeus called his servants to get the wine, ambrosia i should say. It was the wine of the Gods. I hate drinking, because last time I get drunk, I set myself on fire. But for them, fine I'll drink a little bit. *Hours later* "Y-you know brother? We're happy because you have a w-wife" Hestia said pointing her finger at me. Everything swirls in my eyes. I feel dizzy already. "No.. No.. Not yet wife" I told her "Tss, still you'll gonna r-rock the underworld and you'll gonna have b-babies!" Dionysus said and we all laughed. "I'm.. I'm not like that.." I said, I wanted to lie down. I think I drank too much. Fates, help me. "When w-will we meet her?" Amphitrite asked leaning on Poseidon's shoulder. "Of course, in t-their wedding!" Aphrodite exclaimed. Hephaestus was sitting on her left. "Drink more!" Dionysus stood up and everyone raised their glasses except me. "Cheers for t-the new queen!" Then he hiccuped. They drank for hours and they were forcing me to drink more but I couldn't take it. I don't want the same mistake to happen again. When I looked outside Zeus' Palace, the sun is already setting. "I think I'll g-go now.." I tried to stood up but I can't manage to balance myself. "Later, Hermes will help you g-go home! Dont be in a hurry!" Ares said and he drank the glass of ambrosia. Suddenly, little flower came to my mind. Did she ate already? Is she alright? Had she seen my gift? After they finished the bottle of ambrosia, Olympus' Dining Hall looked like a total mess. My head is aching, and I tapped Hermes to wake him. "Y-yes my beloved uncle?" I was disgusted on what he called me but I have no time for anger. "Bring me to the underworld, as f-fast as yo-" before I could finish, we're already in the palace gates. "Azael?" I called and he came. "Your Majesty, what happened?" He carried me and Hermes left. "Just drunk.. drunk" "My lady was looking for you the whole day" Did I clearly heard that right? Kae was looking for me. "..when she realized you're really not here, she locked herself in her bedroom. We tried to give her food, but she just drank pineapple juice. She told us that she doesn't have any appetite" Fates, this is my fault. At an instance, I realize that the Underworld seems so cold tonight. We walked through the golden corridor. As we approached Kae's door, I wanted to knock, come inside, and hug her because I missed her. But suddenly, I thought she might be asleep. I'm getting much worried because I didn't see her for the whole day and Azael said she haven't eaten anything yet. Azael lead me to my bedroom, then he left. I took off my shoes. I didn't bother to change clothes. I lied down because everything rotates in my mind and in my eyes. I hugged the pillow beside me. How I wish it is my queen. The emptiness of my bed, is like the emptiness of my heart. I know she loves me, but she haven't admitted it yet. I have to be sure before I could marry her. I couldn't force her. I want her to be happy with me. I don't want her to feel like what Persephone felt when she came here as my betrothed. Few minutes, I heard footsteps outside the door. Someone knocked three times. "Come in" I said, and the door opened. "I've missed you.." A voice said, it was a familiar one. I smelled spring and blossom. I slightly opened my eyes, and I saw a girl walked towards the bed and reached for me. "Hades.. You're drunk" I stared at her, then I realized, "Persephone?" She smiled. "Where have you been? Why are you here?" The goddess that I once loved. She came back, but she left me once with nothing but pain. I have my Kae now. "It doesn't matter anymore, Hades. I'm here now for you.." She started unbuttoning my shirt, and it widely exposed my chest. She tried to get close to me, and reached my lips. Then I heard the door opened again, "Hades.." Someone said. "Persephone.." I said to the girl in front of me. "Shhh.." Then I saw the girl behind the door. Damn, it's Kae. "Kae?" I said abruptly. "Kae-" I pushed the girl seducing me. I looked at her. I can see her tears. She touched the pendant on her neck, my gift. It's the necklace I gave her. I wanted to utter words, but before I could speak, "I t-think I'm interrupting, I apologize" then she closed the door. Persephone hugged me from my back. I removed her hands. I became furious. "Why are you here?" "Who is she?" "I asked you first!" She touched my cheeks with her palm. "Please don't be mad!" She looked in my eyes. "I have the right to be mad!" "Why?" "Because that girl.." I pointed at the door angrily. " my fated queen." "But I'm here for you, that girl is no good, Hades" When I heard what she said, I realized that this is not Persephone. "Nicaros.." I have been deceived. "Hades, I'm sorry" "Get out." I said coldly. "Why don't you choose me? I know more about you! I have loved you for years, Hades. Persephone or that girl is no good for you! I'm more deserving than them!" "You're not." I felt disgusted to her. "Get ..out" I added. "You are ruining what I have, Nicaros" I heard Kae sob on the other room. "Hades, please.." She tried to reach my hand but I moved it at my back. "Don't you dare touch me" "I know more about Underworld! I know more about our home! That girl doesn't have any knowledge to be a queen. I'm rightful for that position, Hades. I'm rightful to be your wife." "The fates won't choose her and give her to me if she isn't rightful enough, Nicaros.." I glare at her. "..more rightful than you" "No, she's not" "You know what? I have the right to punish you for trespassing and deceiving me as a Goddess" "But you can't" she replied. "I can't because I don't have to. The nymphs will lose their leader if I punish you for your deeds" I buttoned my shirt, and I just want to strike her to let her disappear in the midst of air. "Now for the last time, Get out!" She left. I sat on the edge of my bed. What will I do now? My head aches and Kae must be very mad. I think of things. Will she still accept me? Damn, of course not. After what she saw, you expect her to accept you? You broke her, hades. I decided that I need to apologize. I went outside straight to her room which is probably on the right side of my bedroom just beside mine. I knocked. "Kae?" She doesn't answer. I used my powers to hear her inside. All I can sense is she's crying. "Kae, can I talk to you?" "No" she answered firmly. "Just go away" It hitted me like a hurricane's wave on a beach. "Please, let me explain?" She doesn't answer. "Can I come inside?" I asked. "Don't you try" Her voice cracked. I wanted to comfort her, to stop her from crying and wipe her tears. But that's nonsense, because I was the reason of it. "Kae, I'm sorry on what you saw, just let me explain please" I begged her. I thought I was the one you wanted, Aides. I was wrong. I was dumb, and will ever be. I heard her whisper inside. No, little flower don't think like that. You're always the one I wished for, the one I wanted. "Kae.." I plead. "Just go.." this is all your fault, man. Now you can't go near her. "I won't" I insisted, with determination. "I won't open the door" "..and I won't leave unless you open it" I said.

Chapter Six: Devastated Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Palace •KAE• I woke up with my puffy eyes. My pillow is damp because of my tears. I sat on the edge of my bed. I was dressed in this white cloth that I saw in my Dress room. I felt the ache inside my chest again. It shattered my heart into pieces. I was about to thank him for his gift, but I saw that disgusting effin thing. What broke me the most is that he's saying Persephone's name. I smirked at the thought. He's imagining Persephone with another damn girl. "..and I won't leave unless you open it" Suddenly, the thought came to my mind that he's still outside door. I reached at my door tip-toeing. I opened it slowly, and it revealed hades leaning on my door, sitting at the floor. He slept there for the whole night. Geez, Kae! a God slept at the door for you. Are you freaking crazy? I crouched and poked his cheeks but I hide behind the door. I poked him again, and again, and again. Then he woke up. I was holding the door for defense. "Kae.." "I'm not yet ready to talk to you.." I said to him just revealing half of my face. "..I opened the door already. You may leave" "But-" "Hades, please" I stared at him. "..okay" he shook his head. I was just in my bedroom the whole afternoon. I was playing a song in my mp3 with my earphones plugged in. Azael keeps on knocking asking me if i want to eat. "My lady?" Sigh. He's here again. "Azael, you keep on coming here for every minute and you already know what I will answer" I went to the door, but before opening it, "Is he there?" I asked. "Who m-my lady?" His voice felt like he's frightened, I laughed at the thought. "Nothing" I said and I opened it. "My lady, I'm really sorry for annoying you but the King said that I shouldn't come back to him unless you've already eaten anythi-" "Okay fine." I replied to him "Tell him I won't eat, and if he ever punishes you, I won't also forgive him" His eyes widened. "But my lady-" "Go" and he left. I went back sitting on my bed. I played 'The scientist by Coldplay' but it was covered by 'Corrine Bailey'. It was a great song. Listening to the lyrics I imagined Hades singing it to me. But for the love of Gods, He won't do that of course. I haven't heard him singing. Then I heard a knock again. "Azael I said-" I froze. It's not Azael, it's Hades. Act cool Kae! "Why are you here?" His eyes are cold as ice. He doesn't wear a smile anymore, a partly messy black hair, like the normal Hades the books described. "I came here to give you this.." He handed me a paper. "You shouldn't have done it. Azael could-" "Give it to you?" He finishes my sentence. "Read what's inside and please cooperate for once" He left like a bubble in the air that popped, leaving Azael and me. "You said to him?" I whispered. "Yes my lady, but we couldn't read him" His servants couldn't read him? "Ever since you came here, King hades was always happy. But I don't know what happened this morning.. He just came back as the old Hades he once were" I stared at Azael, maybe he's just regretting what he did. I opened the letter I held. Little flower, Please come at dinner with me. Let me explain everything to you. I don't want you to be mad at me. Meet me at the library of the palace. Truly yours, Hades PS. I miss your smile. My heart wanted to jump at the last sentence but I stayed like a statue there in front of Azael. "You may leave now. Thanks" Then he left. I wanted to be happy for hades' gentleness but I still remember what I saw last night. The girl on top of him, the unbuttoned shirt, the name of that Goddess. Probably, he could just teleported inside my room but he was a gentleman to do that and he knows I'm hurt. I listened to the song again. Maybe he's still inlove with Persephone and he's just using me to let himself forget about her. I sighed at the thought. Afterall, I don't have the right to be jealous. Books say that Gods can marry and love who they want to. Besides, I don't have powers, I'm a mortal, not a Goddess at all. My gut feelings say that I should come. I went to the bathroom to refreshen myself. I placed my mp3 on top of my bed. I get my towel. I soaked myself on the black-marbled bathtub. Even restrooms here contains luxurious things. The light of the bathroom is made of diamonds that shine brightly everytime it hits my skin. When I finished, I dried myself and went to the dressroom. ••••••••• Underworld Realm Hades' Palace Library •HADES• I've been waiting for my little flower. I prepared a dinner date (that's what the mortals call it) for Kae. I asked the nine muses to sing the song she was listening earlier. I also read her mind that she wants me to sing it, but I'm not confident enough when it comes to her. Then the door opened, revealing a breathtaking beauty. She walked towards me, her hair fixed on the side with a flower crown on top of her head. Her dress was as black as the night with a belt of diamonds. She doesn't want to wear anything else than the greek sandal she loved. "What are you staring at?" She asked. "Nuh-nothing" I answered breathlessly. "Have a seat" I lead her on the other side of the table. Then the song played. Come up to meet you, Tell you I'm sorry You don't how lovely you are "The song-How did y-Why-" She couldn't finish what she wanted to ask. "I'm sorry I don't know any music you liked." She stared at me. Her beautiful brown eyes stares at me. I had to find you, Tell you I need you, And tell you I'll set you apart "Hades-" "Eat first. I don't want my queen getting thin" I told her. She looks on the food. "I swear on the river styx that you won't be bound here if you eat that, Kae" She digs in her food. She looked very hungry. I studied her while she was eating. When her mouth was full she realizes I'm staring at her. "What?" Sounded like "wot". I smiled and said nothing. When we we're already finished. I started talking. "Forgive me, Little flower" She gave me a full gaze, and I realized she was wearing the garnet necklace. Garnet is the symbol of love, that's why I gave it to her instead of a diamond pendant. "Go on. I'm listening" she said. "That girl is Nicaros, she's a nymph. She's one of my lovers. I was drunk last night because Zeus held a celebration for the family.." "Celebration for?" "For your arrival.." I replied. "Ok, and why are you saying-" "Persephone's name while I'm with Nicaros?" "Yes" she exclaimed. "Little flower, Nymphs are powerful creatures too. They attract other creatures by deceiving them" "So you want me to believe that your hanky-panky was because of her jugglery?" "Yes" I answered firmly. "She was the one who came on top of me, and unbuttoned my shirt. It was her intention because I was drunk" "Oh c'mon Hades!" She rolled her eyes. "Believe me, she tricked me by copying the Goddess of Spring.." I reached for her hands, but she pulled them away. "..and you still love her" she referred Persephone. "No, Kae. I don't love her anymore" I loved her once, but not until you came. You're the one that I love now. "Hades, I've been hurt many times! And I don't wanna repeat the same mistake again!" She buried her face in her hands. "Look I don't wanna cry in front of you because that makes me weak.." "It's ok" I said to her. I wanted to hug her but comforting her now was not a good idea. I just have to let her anger come out, like a volcano exploding, and releasing lava. She started sobbing. "You wanted me to believe you? It's really hard to trust these days!" I waved at the muses, and they know they have to stop the music. They exited the library, leaving us two. I made her cry again. Her voice cracked, revealing the pain in her heart. "I'm not in the position to be jealous because I know Gods can have love as many as they want! I'm not a goddess! I'm just a mortal with no rights and power!" She showed her teary eyes. "..but I still have feelings, Hades" Yes, little flower. Everyone has feelings. I stood up and walked towards her. I hugged her so tight and she keeps on hitting me on my chest with her fist. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. W-what do you want me to do? What do i need to do so you can forgive me?" I kissed her fist and tried to open it, but she continues to hit me. I kissed and opened it again, but she will hit me again.. And again.. And again.. And again.. "Why do you keep doing this?" "Because you're my queen. Even if you hurt me, I can't hurt you" "But you did it already" she's still crying "It was not my intention, little flower" I kissed her clenched fist again. She didn't replied. Her eyes saddened, and I don't want my queen to be lonely. I want her happy, not like this. I released her slowly holding her shoulders. I cut the silence. "I'm..I'm sorry for leaving you alone yesterday" "That's another thing. I searched for you, I thought Azael was lying that you left. I was going to thank you for your gift. You didn't even reminded me. I don't know anybody here except your servant" "I promise I'll tour you tomorrow" I said, and she sniffed. "..and to tell you next time if I'm leaving" She lifted her head, like she was ready to talk now. "Are you saying the truth?" She asked, her brown eyes are staring, waiting for reassurance. "Even If I swear on the river styx" I raised my right hand like what the mortals do if they're promising. I sighed, if only I can say I love her. I would rather do it to assure her. "Ok!" She held out her small finger. "What's that?" I asked. "A pinky promise-just give me your pinky!" She wrapped her finger on mine. "..c'mon do what I did" I did what she said, then she smiled. "If anyone breaks the promise their finger will be cut!" She exclaimed, my eyes widened. I laughed. "Hey, why are you laughing?" "I'm immortal, my finger will still grow" she pouted on what I said. "Fine, just swear on that river of yours!" I laughed at her again. "It's river styx!" "Whatever" then she giggled. How I missed her smile. "Tomorrow?" She asked. "Tomorrow" I assured her. "..just don't be mad again" "I won't"

Chapter Seven: Pilgrimage Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Palace •KAE• Hades made his promise. He greeted me a 'good morning' in front of my door. He was holding a serving tray and we ate breakfast. I don't really understand my feelings. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't. I can't even possibly read him with just one look. This morning I met the 'Hell-Hound' or what they call Cerberus (Kerberus). I watched him, and I observed that when he like the people he appear as a small puppy. But when it comes to souls, that are trying to escape the Underworld, he appears as a massive multi-headed dog. Hades told me that Cerberus mean 'spot'. According to what I've read on books, Cerberus was born from Echidna and Typhon. When Cerberus was once little, he has spots on him. Well, when Cerberus is pleading hades to let him sleep on his bed, Hades couldn't resist. One of Hades' weakness is when he see Cerberus begging. But of course, Cerberus grew up, and he couldn't fit on the bed anymore. That's the time he lose his spots, but his name was still Cerberus. "I'll tour you on the rivers of the Underworld" Hades said to me, I nodded. We walked and saw people of the underworld like nymphs, shades, and some look like mortals but they look much like an emo. For staying long in my bedroom, I didn't notice that there's a city beside the palace. "You know that the biggest river was Styx right?" He asked. I stared at the river. "Why are the souls-" "Don't look at it!" Then he pulled me. "W-why?" I asked, horribly. "That souls-are the ones that swim when they don't have any obol to give for Charon, the ferryman. They will also try to pull you down if you look at them. They will sense you're alive. They are dead, Kae always yearning for life." Oh? "You mean if they can't pay.. Charon? They swim?" "Not all times.." I got confused on his answer. "What do you mean?" I asked, he looked at me seriously. "If you die on the uppeworld, you will be buried right?" He said and I nodded at him "If you are given a proper burial, your relatives will place a coin on your eyes, or your tongue, so you can take it on your journey and pay it to Charon" "And.." "And if you're not given a proper burial, Charon will let you stay at the gates of the Underworld for a century, before he could let you ride on his boat. Or if you're lucky enough, he will let you swim early on the river, so you can reach the plain of judgement by yourself" He told me. A century? At the gates? That's too long. You better swim. "But I've read on books that if mortals swim on the river styx they will be immortal. Like when Achilles mother held him on the feet and soaked him in the river he became immortal but his heel-" "Is his weakness?" Hades finished my sentence and looked at me. "Yes, that's true but that was long time ago. This is my domain now, my rules, my laws" We went on the Pyriphlegethon River and the Cocytus River. Hades said that people that have done great sins are carried away by these two rivers. Then they are carried by the currents to the Acherusian Lake/Acheron River, where they beg to those whom they have wronged to be gracious and let them come out into the lake. If they prevail and their prayers are heard by those who had been outraged by them, they may come out and their ills cease, but if not they return by swimming in the river starting all over again until they prevail upon those whom they have wronged. "But if you dare swim on the River of Cocytus, make sure you don't have any doubts and fears, because the river will pull you down until you drown" Hades said, while I was following him. I better not swim then. Afterall, I'm afraid of drowning. "This is the River of Lethe.." I came a bit close to him to listen. "..the river of forgetfulness. Anyone who drinks it's water forgets his or her memories, but it depends on the amount of water you've drunk" Oh, so this is where the reincarnation process takes place huh? "I know what's in your mind.." He exclaimed. What the? "Yes, people in Elysium who is judged to be reincarnated swim in this river and drinks from Lethe's stream. Then they return to earth with their memories deleted after having drunk from the waters of Lethe." He added. "How did you-read my-" "It's one of my powers, little flower" So that's the reason. "Oh, ok. Where are we going now?" I asked, looking at him. Damn, he's tall I have to look up first before seeing him. "The Plain of Judgement, I want you to meet the three Judges" He said and I nodded. We strolled and talked about things. He said that the Underworld is not so dreadful like what the mortals think. I learned that Thanatos is the God of Death. He's like an angel with black wings. He wears nothing but his black pajama-like pants. He's topless, no wonder that the souls of the ladies will be drooling if they see him. He's a silent guy, Hades said he rarely talks. He sometimes help Cerberus in chasing souls who try to escape the Underworld. I met Keres, who is the Goddess of Violent deaths. When hades or any warriors here in the Underworld needs to be trained, Keres takes charge in the battlefield. Nyx, is the Goddess of Night. She lives here in the Underworld, together with her daughter Achlys who is the Goddess of Misery and Sadness. No wonder, Achlys is beautiful but she rarely smiles. The three furies are women with black wings who's in charge of punishing living murderers in the mortal realm. They consist of Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone. We arrived at the Plain of Judgement. There are souls in line waiting to be judged. Gladly, they are patiently waiting. We walked towards the three judges. "King Hades.."  They all said and bowed. "What brings you here my lord?" The one on the right asked. "Just giving, my lady a tour" Hades said and smiled at me. Then I looked on the three judges and their eyes widened. "Good lord, is she the new-" "..queen?" Hades finished his sentence "not yet, Minos" He added. He introduced me to the three judges, Aeacus, former king of Aegina, Minos, former king of Crete, and Rhadamanthys, brother of Minos. Aeacus judges the men of Europe. Rhadamanthys is the Lord of Elysium and judges the men of Asia. While Minos, is the judge of the final vote. If Hades is away or busy doing task in Olympus or other concerns, The three judges are the ones in charge in judging the souls. But if not, Hades is the one who judges. "After being judged, the souls will go either in Elysium or Elysian Fields, Tartarus, or the Asphodel Meadows" I said and Hades nodded. The Elysium is the for the good ones, while Tartarus is the opposite. "In Elysium, there is a place called the Isles of the Blessed. When a soul achieved Elysium, they had a choice to either stay in Elysium or to be reborn. If a soul was reborn three times and achieved Elysium all three times, then they were sent to the Isles of the Blessed to live in eternal paradise." He replied. Hades told me that he holds the key to Tartarus. The Asphodel Meadows was a place for ordinary or indifferent souls who did not commit any significant crimes, but who also did not achieve any greatness or recognition that would warrant them being admitted to the Elysian Fields. "How can you say that you will go to Tartarus?" I looked at him like a child seeking answers. He answered, "..those who in life hated their own brothers, those who struck their parents, those who loving fraud entangled their clients, those who kept their wealth for themselves without ever sharing, those who killed for adultery, those engaged in treason, those who corrupted the laws and became dictators, those who entered the beds of their daughters, and others who committed numerous crimes which would never cease to fill an unending catalogue" He went in front of me and I was listening carefully. "Also.." He said abruptly, "..their punishments in tartarus are also equally unending. Like rolling huge rocks, whirling round, or sitting in the Chair of Oblivion and that are just few examples" The most wicked and worst criminals are thrown in the River of Cocytus or Pyriphlegethon as what he said earlier. "Can we visit the Elysian Fields or Tarta-" I tried to ask. "My lady, I don't want to bother souls in Elysium who are enjoying their paradise. I also don't want to put your life in danger by entering Tartarus. Tartarus is the real Underworld, before I came and I built my palace, it was already here" I pouted on what he said. Fine. I also don't want to bother them. "...but we can visit the Asphodel Meadows then" He added. The Meadows of Asphodel is alright with me. We walked and I didn't realize that we climbed on top of a... Cliff? "H-hades did you made this?" I was referring to the cliff, and my knees are trembling. I looked down and it's ..high. Damn, I'm afraid of heights. "No, It was here before I became a King" I heard him said from afar. I looked back at Hades and was horrified when I saw him standing on the edge and also looking down. "H-hades" I went to the center and tried to reach my hand for him. "..stay away from the edge" "I'm not gonna fall" He teased me and smiled. "Just freaking get off the edge and come here!" I didn't stutter. He laughed at me and walked towards the center. "I wasn't gonna fall" He can't stop adding. "Maybe and maybe not" "But I didn't fall" He exclaimed. "Whatever" I replied and we laughed.

Chapter Eight: Tour's Continuity Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Asphodel Meadows •KAE• We're infront the Gates of Asphodel. It's cold. "Wear this" Hades gave me his black cloak. "How about you?" "I'm ok, I'm used to it" He exclaimed. We walked inside and there's nothing but darkness. "Are you sure we won-" "Lower your voice" He whispered. "Are you sure we won't disturb them?" I continued what I was about to ask. He opened his hand and his palm produced a blue light. "Why blue?" I asked. He can use red or orange or yellow or white instead of blue. "Blue is more calmer than red. They get attracted on strong colors" "Red like fire?" "Red like blood, little flower. I told you before that they are dead they always yearn for life. Red might attract them and they may think it's blood, we'll disturb them" We strolled and I looked in the surrounding, the meadows have a creepy ambiance, geez. "Where are we? There are no land marks like trees or post or grass or what, just soil?" "We're lost." Good riddance! "What?" I terrifyingly asked. "You're the king, you must know the directions" I added, getting close to him. "Calm down, I know where we are. It has no landmarks so the souls will just wander everywhere" I pulled his right arm to me. It's getting cold. "You will just pick any direction and walk to it, then you'll exit the meadows" He added, my knees still trembling. "Where are they?" I managed to ask, because I don't see any souls. A cold air pass through my arm. "Are-are-they with us?" I'm freaking out now. "Little flower, they're not with us. They're among us" he said and raised his blue light. "You mean-" I didn't finish what I was about to say when I saw a mortal-like being without their legs. They have a head, their shoulders, their arms, but.. But.. Their faces! For the love of Gods, they don't have eyes. I pulled Hades' arm once more and my whole body is trembling. "Tell me, if you want to go out now" He said to me calmly. Damn this man, I'm getting terrified here and he's just calm. I was more frightened when Hades called a soul. "Mysus, Daughter of Phaedra" We stood on a spot and there came a soul. She's still complete with legs but she doesn't have eyes. "When you call them by name they will still come. Their memories are lost because of Lethe's water but their names still remain" Hades said and the soul came near us. Damn, damn, damn she's studying us. She's gazing at the blue light. Then suddenly, she went near Hades' face and he snapped. The soul disappear in the midst of air. "Hey, why did you do that? She's just curious." I said. She's still a soul, a mortal once. One who loved, cared, pained, healed, and once lived. "I don't want her studying me, there's no much to know about my face" Hades replied. Oh Gods, if you only know. I saw flowers as we walked through Asphodel. I asked Hades if I could pick them and he said yes. Before we could exit the Meadows, I, Luckily made a wreath to keep myself busy and not frightened. I was still holding Hades' right arm. He tried to stand straight but he couldn't because I was holding his arm. "Can you-" "Oh" I released his arm, because he was standing in an awkward angle. "I'm sorry" "It's ok, I understand that you're short" What? I'm tall in the mortal realm, he's just taller than me. I raised an eyebrow at him. "It's not my fault that I look shorter than you" "It's not my fault that I'm taller than you" He exclaimed. "We're out now" He added. And yes, we're out the meadows already. I finished the wreath. "It's beautiful" he said looking at the wreath. "Mother and I are fond of making this in our garden" I uttered. "You know? Want? Because I always do this and-" I wanted him to wear it. Surprisingly, he bowed his head. By standing on my toes, I reached him, and placed the wreath on his head. "How do I look?" He asked and he touched the wreath on his head. He looks like a girl. But honestly, seeing Hades with this flowers makes him look different. Seeing him always with metal armors of black and gold is like ordinary. "Do I look beautiful?" He asked in a reedy tone, and he twirled. "Beautiful!" I said and giggled. "Thank you" He bowed like a princess. We both laughed. •••••••••• •HADES• Little flower wanted to go back in the palace now. "Hades?" She called. "Yes?" "Thank you" She smiled. "It's my pleasure" I will always do everything for you. Iris came, the personal messenger of Hera. She's the Goddess of Rainbow. The only difference from Hermes, is that her wings are on her back not on her feet. She bowed in front of us. "King Hades, Hera called for you. The Olympians held an urgent meeting in the throne room of Olympus" I nodded and snapped at her. She disappeared. "My lady, I have to-" "Hades" She said looking in my eyes. "What is it?" I asked, seriously. "Can I visit the Upperworld?" "Little flower I-" "Please" she begged. I can give everything but not that. "I won't argue with you about that thing" I replied to her. Her face saddened. Please, little flower not this time. "I will be alone again and.." "You can explore the palace" I said abruptly "..but I miss my family and friends" Maybe it's time to tell her the truth. "Little flower listen to me. Your parents already forgot about you. Zeus gave them a child, their true child. He washed their memory and-" "My friends.." She plead. "..Kae, please listen" She ran to her room as fast as she could and shut the door. I heard her sob again. I don't want to risk your life in danger. You'll understand in time. I sighed, and called Azael for my chariot. I'll deal with this later. "Azael.." I called and he came. "Yes, My Lord?" "Get my chariot. Meet me at the gates" I teleported and Azael came riding the golden chariot with four black horses I stepped on it and before I could leave, "Look after the lady" he nodded. "I don't want her harmed or else.." "Yes, your majesty" He answered. I went to Olympus, straight in the throne room of the Gods. When I already came, the Gods and Goddesses are already there except Poseidon and Amphitrite. I saw Apollo and Artemis. This is the first time I saw them since the Celebration. The Gong sounded, my brother and his wife arrived. "Forgive us for being late" Poseidon said. "It's alright" Zeus waved at him. "No more introductions, I'll go straight for the objective of this urgent meeting" "What is it?" I asked. "It's not what, Hades. It's who" It's been years since we talked about someone in a meeting. Maybe an enemy, or someone who needs help from us. "Apophis.." Zeus said, and everyone's eyes widened, except me. Apophis is already an enemy of the Olympians before. "I thought he's already gone?" I asked brother. "He's not. He's just out there lurking somewhere" Athena said seriously. "We need to stop this vagabond.." Zeus exclaimed. "What does he want?" I managed to ask them and everyone looked at Zeus for answers. "The key to tartarus" he answered. Everyone knows I'm the only one who holds the key to tartarus, and the only one who knows the key to it. "Why? Why does he want it?" Apollo asked and I looked at him, but he turned his gaze to Zeus. "He wants the key to free his allies" Zeus replied. Apophis is the twin brother of Chaos. He starves for power. He wants to rule the whole world and wants to be the powerful one. We stopped him, a long time ago but he escaped. He didn't appear for years, but now he came back. Zeus uttered, "He wants to kill every mortal who will not bow before him, and our duty is to protect them" Yes, we're nothing if we'll not help those people on the upperworld. We're useless if we ignore what's happening. "But there is one more thing.." Zeus said abruptly. "..we all know that Apophis needs strength, power. Right now, he's killing every warrior on the upperworld to get their strengths" "He also wants to combine all the powers of the Gods before" I tried to add. "Yes, Hades is right" Hestia agreed, and they all nodded. "..and I'm afraid he'll kill the Demi-Gods first. Second will be the Goddesses, and Last, the Gods" my brother replied. "So what do we do now?" Artemis asked. "Is there anything we could do to stop him?" Aphrodite grumbled. "..or is there anything we could use to defeat him other than the attributes that we have?" Her husband, Hephaestus, said. I got his point. Afterall, he's the black-smith here. Making weapons would be very easy for him, and it will make us more ready for the battle that will happen. "Yes, there's something!" Amphitrite exclaimed in a reedy tone. "What is it?" Poseidon looked, and tried to ask his wife. Amphitrite looked at me. I know what she's thinking. Their attention transferred on mine. I tried to think for any weapons in the Underworld that will be useful for the battle. Bows, Blades, Spears, Knives, Daggers, Swords? Wait. Suddenly, it came to my mind, the one that will defeat Apophis. "The Xiphos.." I said, "The Xiphos is the Blade of Empyreans which is known to defeat anyone regardless if a god, mortal, or a beast" Zeus gave me a gaze, and nodded to what I said. "..but" I exclaimed, "there is only someone who can use the Xiphos. He or she will be the chosen one to release it's power, and will use it to defeat Apophis" If anyone just used the Xiphos, it will be useless. It will not wound the enemy even an inch. But if the chosen one will use it, it's power will unleash. "How can we know who's the chosen one?" Ares asked. I looked at him and answered, "..the Xiphos will just glow if the chosen one touched it's grip" The Xiphos is hidden in the Elysian Fields, but sometimes the Gods hid it. I will just ask Thanatos to get it. I don't want disturbing souls in their paradise, I respect them. Thanatos is good at sneaking there without interrupting souls, but I will ask Rhadamanthys first for permission. Rhadamanthys is the King of Elysium. "For now, I remind all of you to be careful, especially the Demi-Gods and The Goddesses. No Olympian should come in the mortal realm. Apophis will easily find you" Zeus said.

Chapter Nine: Succumb Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Palace •KAE• I have to get out. I don't want to be bound here. I miss my friends, the sun, the soil, the grass, trees, the birds that chirp every morning, the smell of flowers that bloom in our garden. My chest ached when he said to me earlier, that my parents already forgot about me, and had their true child. Hades said that Zeus deleted their memories about me, and it seems like my friends are the only ones I have. I went out my chamber, and sneaked through the corridor. I heard Hades will be in Olympus so that mean's he's not here. I have to find a way out. I was walking towards the gates of the palace to get a pegasus when suddenly, "My lady where are you going?" Azael asked, and I almost jumped in shock. Geez, He's following me. "It's none of your concern" I answered coldly. I reached out for one of the black pegasus. "I cannot let you go, your majesty. The king will be furious if he finds out-" before he could finish, I pulled him to ride the pegasus. "Just do what I tell you to do so. Ride this pegasus, take me to the upperworld, and leave me there. I'll just comeback if I want to" I'm giving him a very cold gaze. "But my lad-" "Azael, do I have to tell you twice?" I asked, and he shooked his head. "Don't worry, tell him that I'll be in a safe place" We flew to the Upperworld and unfortunately, there's no sun anymore, because it's already midnight in the mortal realm. "I'm afraid, My lady. I'm not capable of staying here for so long" Azael said with his worried eyes. "I'll be alright. Go back now" "Your majesty-" "Azael, just for once please. Do what you've been told" He bowed his head and left me in the park. I walked, to find Belle or Gyver's house. Luckily, I saw Gyver walking at the sidewalk and I called him. At first, he didn't believe what he saw. But when it already hit him that it's really me, he ran towards my direction, and attempted to hug me. "Where have you been? I haven't seen you a long time. We missed you, Kae" I placed my hand in front of him. "Nah-ah, you still did something that I didn't wan-" "Look, I'm sorry. I'll admit it, I was drunk and.. You know? I wasn't aware on what I'm doing" He looked away, then he faced the ground "Please, forgive me. I didn't mean to harm you" He added. After a few seconds, he had the courage to stare at me, and I smiled at him. He's still one of my closest friend. "Okay, apology accepted!" I said. I was hungry that time, and I haven't eaten yet. My stomach grumbled. Gyver laughed when he heard it. He asked if I want to eat on a fastfood. I was about to refuse him, because of what I'm wearing, but.. "It's fine, you look like a Goddess. Just take off that flowers on your hair. It looks like a garden in your head" he uttered. He told me everything that happened when I was gone. He said that my parents, foster parents I mean, already migrated. He said that when I left, Belle also disappeared, and they thought we're together. "Tell me, where have you really been?" He asked. Oh geez, if you could only know. "I.. I was.. I have ..f-found my real parents and they wanted me back. I live with them now, and from the past few ..m-months" I managed to reply. "That's a good news for you!" He exclaimed, and gave me a big smile. We came in the fastfood or we should say food court. I ordered something heavy to ingest. Thank heavens that Gyver is here or else I'm starving to death. After we finished, he invited me to go in his place. I agreed because I really don't know how to come back in the Underworld, and I miss being with the people I know. When suddenly, I saw a familiar guy ahead of us. He walked briskly towards me, and grabbed me by the arm. I looked at his face. "H-hades?" •••••••••• •HADES• I went back to the Underworld. I stepped out of my chariot, and I saw Azael sitting worriedly at the palace gates. I walked towards him. "Azael" "Your majesty" He bowed, nervously. I can see it in his actions. "I sense that there's something wrong? What is the problem?" "King Hades" He exclaimed, "My lady was.. She was.." I stared at him with confusion. "What is it? Tell me" "She went to the Upperworld!" He said hurriedly, with his head not facing mine, "..and she said that you don't have to worry, because she's in a safe-" "And you let her!" I was enraged. I became furious. Little flower is in the mortal realm, and Apophis is somewhere out there. "My king, I tried to stop her but she's too-" "It's alright, I..understand. Call Athena from Olympus and say I need her right now" He bowed. Where could she possibly be? Fates, I wish she's safe. It took a few minutes then Athena came, "Hades" she bowed. "Athena, she's lost. We need to find her. You need to help me" "Why? What happened?" I replied, "She badly missed her life in the Upperworld. I told my servant to watch over her but she managed to find a way out" Her eyes we're shocked. I said to her that we need to leave, and we don't have much time explaining things. We ride on my chariot. "Isn't this similar on what happened before?" Athena said, and I stared at her with confusion. "What are you trying to say?" "Persephone did this before...when she left you" that hitted me, and made me realize things. Athena was right. But suddenly, I remembered what my brother Zeus said.. "This is the first and last time I'll do this for you. She's a mortal. She's fragile and friable, but precious and priceless. You need to take good care of her, brother" She's my fated queen, for the love of Gods. I cannot lose her again. I swore that I would take good care of her. I let Persephone left me, and what she did almost destroyed my whole being. Finding her now is the best thing to do. I will not risk her life in danger. We're now in the mortal realm. Athena and I went to separate ways. It's already dark and it will be hard for us to find her, but I will not stop until I have her back in my arms. I was searching back then when suddenly I felt a presence of a God. I thought it was Athena, but when I tried to look, it was Kae with another guy. They're both walking in a slow pace. I gazed at the man beside her. When little flower tried to look at my direction, I started to walk briskly towards her. I grabbed her by the arm, and I saw the man she's with. He's Apollo. "H-hades?" She asked, "What are you doing here?" "No, what are you doing here!" I looked at her coldly, "..with Apollo?" Her face showed a confused look. "He's Gyver, not Apollo" "He's Apollo, little flower and I don't want you near him. It seems like he haven't told you who he really was" I gave him a grin. "Gyver..why did y-" "I'm sorry, Kae. Forgive me for not telling you. Yes, I'm.. I'm.. Apollo" He said to my little flower, "..but she's mine Hades. For all this years, I've been watching her! I have the right to own her" "No! You fool! She's mine. I have the right to own her because the fates told me so" I angry said. "Nah-ah-ah! Nobody owns me ok? Apollo? Hades? For all this years I was with a God and I didn't know. I'm really freaking dumb! Hades, I'm sorry for not telling you that I will go here, but I couldn't take being there in the Underworld without any company to be with" Little flower grumbled. "See? She's not happy being there in yo-" Apollo was pointing at me, and before he could finish what he wanted to say. Little flower replied, "...and you! For years you didn't even had the courage to tell me that you're a God! Now, you're claiming me as if I will pick you? I don't trust you anymore, Gyv-Apollo." I smirked at Apollo. Little flower was in the middle of us when suddenly, "Ah!" With just one glimpse, and arrow was in little flower's chest, straight directly to her heart. Everything slowed down in my vision. She fell on the ground. My knees felt weak, and all I could do was hold her in my arms. Athena came and she tried to defense us, she was firing arrows. Apollo covered us both in the ground. Kae's Blood was dripping from her chest. "Hades, Let's go now!" I saw Athena mouthed, but I couldn't here any sound. All that I remember is that my chariot came, and I held Kae in my arms like a bride. The four black horses at the front did their own task to lead us to the Underworld. And for the first time in my life as a God, I cried. Tears started running down my cheeks. I can admit that I have been in deep pain before but this.. I don't know what I'm feeling. I wanted to kill, I wanted to punish that person who did this to her, but all that I think right now is.. What can I do to save her? She's a mortal. When we came back, I lifted her up to my bedroom. I pulled the arrow from her chest. Apollo, Athena, and I tried to cure her with everything that we could. Until I was about to give up. I was just beside her, at the edge of the bed, getting insane on what I should do. I was crying, and crying, and crying. I don't know what to do anymore. She's my weakness! I promise to protect her but I failed. "Hades, I know one thing!" Athena exclaimed, "The fates, they have the power to give back a life but it will only be possible if a God gives half of his power to the body of that soul. It will serve as energy, as life. But of course, if you will give it to her, you'll be weak for a month or two before you could regain it back!" Without any ado, I called the fates from the Grand Tapestry, before Thanatos fetch Kae's soul. The three fates came, they asked me if I really want to do this, and I said yes. I would do everything for you, just please wake up. I need you.

Chapter Ten: Volition Underworld Realm Hades' Palace Master's Bedroom •HADES• "The arrow came from the servant of Apophis. I can tell by it's structure" Athena said. "Maybe they're thinking she's a Goddess" This is Apollo's fault. Godsdammit! Clothos studied Kae lying on the bed, "She lost plenty of blood" I was the one sitting beside her. The three fates, Apollo, amd Athena we're all standing. "Hades, listen you have to know the condition of this.." Lachesis called my attention. "If you give her half of your power, you will regain it back after a month. If she wakes up, her existence here as a mortal will not be that long. This process will just occur for two months. She's a mortal, you cannot do anything to reverse what happened even if you give all your powers. Unless within two months, you'll marry her, and let her drink the Elixir in the wedding ceremony. Then she will truly become one of us, a Goddess to be exact." Athropos uttered. If that's the case, I'll marry her after a month. I nodded at the three fates, and they started to concentrate and murmured the transfer spell to take half of my powers.  With just one snap, I felt like my energy weakened for a bit. They're holding a black shadow-like orb. They went near Kae and slowly pushed the orb to her body, like they're returning back a life. I stared at her for a few seconds, her wound is already healing. Suddenly, she quickly sat up chasing her breath. She gasp for air. "What happened? Where am I?" She said and her hands on her chest. Her wounds are already gone. "Calm down, lie on the bed. You're not yet ok. You need rest" I said holding her shoulders, trying to lay her down. "W-why are you here? What is this blood on my cloth? What happened to me?" "Ssh.." I hushed her. "They're the three fates. You're wounded earlier, and they.. helped you" "Oh, I'm sorry. T-thank you for your kindness.. to.. to heal me" She tried to utter. The three fates bowed and they disappeared. But someone really shocked her, "Belle?" Her eyes widened on Athena. "Belle, Why are you here? And you're dressed like that" She's referring to Athena's armor. "Kae, I'm.. I'm.." Athena tried to speak. "I missed you so much!" Kae exclaimed. "Little flower, Yes that's Belle. She's your friend right? But she's ..also Athena, Goddess of  Wisdom" I said gazing at her, wondering what her reaction will be. I know this will be hard for her. She didn't speak for a minute, looking at Athena. When she managed to reply, "Why? Why are you both hiding from me? Gyv-I mean Apollo and now you as Athena? Why didn't you tell me?" "Kae we're sorry. Zeus ordered us to be with you, to protect you" Athena answered. Little flower started crying. She hugged the pillow of my bed. I looked at Athena and Apollo. I mouthed 'Go now'. Apollo didn't want to leave, but Athena pulled him. I stood up to leave the room. She needs time to think of things. I was walking towards the door. "Hades.." She called. "Please ..don't leave. You're always leaving" she sobbed. Her words felt like a symphony to my ear. I went at the edge of the bed and I sat again. She faced me, and I saw her brown eyes full of pain. "Hush now, I don't like seeing you cry" I said. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand. "Why are they like that?" "Because that is what it needs to be, little flower" "They need to lie to me?" "Sometimes you need to do things for the sake of others. They did that for you" she sighed. But apollo, I don't think it's a good idea to get you. One more time that he'll take you from me, I'll make sure he will feel my wrath. "And you.." She mumbled, "Why are you always calling me little flower? I'm not little!" "Because I'm taller than you.." I gave her a teasing smile. "Whatever. I have to change clothes.." She tried to stood up but I stopped her. "This isn't your bedroom.." I told her. Her eyes we're shocked. "I'll just get you a chiton and wear it" I added. I grabbed a chiton and a pin from the cupboard. I gave to it to her. Her eyes are searching for something. "What is it?" I asked. "Where's your-" "Bathroom?" I exclaimed, "It's in the other room on the left. My bathroom is big. Just dress here, don't worry I won't peek" I faced my back and she tried to stood up. I felt that she undress herself. It took her five minutes to wear the chiton. "Can I look now?" I tried to ask. "Don't you ever try! I'll kill you" "Well, that's too brutal for a lady" I laughed. "I just.. have to pin ..this argh! Damn, I don't know how to wear this freaking thing!" "You need help?" "Of course!" She exclaimed "Of course no!" I waited, but I could sense her difficulty in wearing it. "What now?" "Fine, help me pin this!" I glanced at her. She's holding the pin and chiton with her hands. One wrong move, that thing could fell off.  She's ..she's beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her. "What are you staring at?" I came back to reality when she spoke. I reached for the pin and attached it to the chiton she's wearing. I felt her soft skin, and it gave me shivers. "Done.." I said. "Thank you, Can I go back now? In my bedroom?" She smiled at me. "No, just sleep here. I have to look at you, you're not yet ok. You might also escape again" She pouted. "I promise I won't" "Stay here for tonight, go back tomorrow" "Where will you sleep?" "Here" I pointed at the black couch beside the door. "Okay" she climbed to the bed and when she's already in position, she pulled the blanket. Kae hugged the pillow. If only I could sleep with her, that would be much better and I know in the back of my mind that it's impossible. •••••••••• •KAE• I woke up in someone's bed. Oh geez, I remembered I slept in Hades' Bedroom. I stood up and found out that he's not here. He left me again. I sighed. I lay my back and stared at the ceiling. I miss the upperworld. The door opened revealing a tall guy with his three shirt buttons opened revealing his chest. It was Hades. His hair is messy as if he just woke up from bed. His eyes met mine. His grey eyes stared at me for a few seconds. He is holding a serving tray. "Good morning beauty" I blushed on what he said. I think I froze. He sat beside me on the bed and placed the tray on his lap. "How are you feeling today?" "Im fine" I answered firmly. "That's good, let's eat?" "Why are you doing this?" "Doing what?" "This! All of this" I replied not taking my eyes off him. "I can give you everything, all you need to do is ask. But what I've done this morning is really for you. Always for you, my queen. Now eat" I reached the muffin on the tray. He's too bossy sometimes. "Hades, you said that you can give me everything? Will you let me go to the upperwor-" "Except that" he exclaimed. "Why? Why wouldn't you let me?" "Because it's dangerous, Kae. I told you many times before that I don't want you in danger. Besides, you will meet Arachne's seamstress today" "Seamstress? For what?" "Our wedding" He said dryly. Wedding? Wait he haven't propose! I don't remember when did I said yes. Maybe he's kidding. "You're ridiculous!" I said to him. "No, I'm hades" Good riddance! This God is giving me headaches. "Stop kidding, Hades!" "I'm not kidding, Little flower. You'll marry me next month and we're doing the preparations" "But-" "Whether you like it or not, you have to" "Hades-" "Whether you love me or not you need to" I couldn't speak on what he said. Whether I love him or not? Do I love him? Or don't I? I don't understand my feelings. I appreciate everything he did for me, but forcing me to marry him? He's insane. I have the right to decide! "Hades you know that a woman should have the right to-" "Enough!" He raised his voice, "Please understand, Kae please! I don't want to lose you, I need you with me. So if I say you need to do this, then you need to. It's for your sake!" "My sake, huh? Did you even think of my feelings, Hades?" My voice cracked. "If I'm everything you need, you don't need to tell me. You don't need to force me. You need to live as if my existence is a necessity to yours! But look, you're always leaving! and now you're here telling me that I need to marry you, like nothing happened" I stood up and quickly left his room. I went to my room and locked the door. How dare him to force me? He didn't even cared to ask me if I want to? If I agree on it? I opened my mp3 and plugged in the earphones. I played Kingdom Come by Demi Lovato Can we love until There's nothing left And were Collecting dust? Use the halo of our Golden souls until Were flecks of rust. A love so deep Nothing else like it, Scars go deep but They can't find it Flames so bright Make the daylight Look dark. My tears are falling but I'm singing out loud. Yes, he's making all dark. He's making everything dark. Geez. He's too bossy, then sometimes, caring, sweet, then sometimes mad and furious. Cross my heart that I'll die for you, Cross my heart that I'll always keep you, Cross my heart like A bitter sweet tattoo Oh, oh, you're my Kingdom come Oh, oh, you're my Kingdom come So sit me on your Throne, yeah, yeah I heard a knock on the door. "My lady?" Oh c'mon, I'm being emotional here. "What is it?" I asked Azael irritably. "The seamstress is arriving later. The king said that you need to get ready" I didn't reply.

Chapter Eleven: Regrets Underworld Realm Hades' Demesne Kae's bedroom •KAE• I heard Azael left. I need to shower. I released a deep sigh for the fact that I'm going to marry someone without my permission and any agreement. This is insane! This is all freaking insane. I rushed to the bathroom to refreshen myself. Why is my life like this? My friends lied to me, my parents already forgot about me, and now I'm being forced to be united with someone, to marry the God of the Underworld. I know that I'm fond of reading books but this isn't the lovestory I want. Gods, help me. I think I'm going to be crazy. I drenched myself in the bathtub. Thoughts came to my mind. What will happen to me after marrying him? Am I ready to be a queen? Am I ready to rule the Underworld? I scrubbed myself, and relaxed in the bath for twenty minutes I think. When I already finished, I went to my dressroom to choose something to wear. I wanted something comfortable, something loose. Luckily, I saw some of my clothes in the upperworld. I decided to wear a sweater rather than the long dresses I used to wear. It's also cold in the Underworld sometimes, including today. I dried my hair and tied it in a messy bun. I sat in my bed again. I realized that the seamstress will ask me about the appearance of my dress. I heard a knock. "Come in" I said. The door revealed a blonde long-haired woman, wearing a dress like what Cinderella wears in the movie when she's cleaning their house. Just give her a blue ball gown, glass slippers, and lift her hair up, she would look like a living Disney princess. "Your majesty" she bowed. "No, don't call me majesty" she stared with confusion. "Just my lady" I added. She nodded, "I'm one of Arachne's seamstresses. I'm assigned for your wedding gown and other stuffs" I stood up and she started measuring my body. We talked about things. She's too talkative, blabby. "May I know what are you wearing, my lady?" "This?" I pointed at my cloth, "This is a sweater. That's what we used to call it in the Upperworld" "I think it's not suited for a fated queen like you. A betrothed is supposed to wear chitons, gowns, or long dresses" "I'm just not comfortable wearing that clothes" I turned around to have the measurements accurately. I hope that the gown will fit just enough to me, not too tight and not too loose. When we finished, I sat at the edge of my bed. She cleared her things. "What color would you prefer?" "Any dark colors will do" I answered her firmly. "What design will you prefer for it, my lady?" "It should be a long wedding gown. I want artificial butterflies attached to it like they will fly. Thats all" I'm not good in describing and explaining. "One last, how about your bouquet?" "Any flowers will do" I replied to her " may leave now" "Thank you, my lady" she bowed and went towards the door. I smiled back at her. Few minutes after she left, another knock came to my door. "Who is it?" I asked "Azael, my lady" "Come in" He went inside and bowed. "Why are you here?" "My lady, I have questions for y-" "Start now" I exclaimed. "What will be the color or the theme of your wedding? The cake? What foods should we serve?" "Why is it always me?" "King hades wants you to decide, my lady. He wants the wedding based on your liking" Argh, sometimes I want to stare at hades grey eyes, but sometimes I want to kill him. He's so freaking ridiculous. Imagine, all of the stuffs in this wedding thingy depends on my decisions! "Then, any theme will do. The cake? A big ice cream cake will be delicious. Foods? Any food will be alright" "My lady?" I saw his eyes were shocked. "Are you sure?" "Yes" I replied to him. Of course, I'm sure. I don't wanna stress myself. I'm not yet ready to be married. For the love of Gods, I'm just eighteen. "T-the entourage?" I don't know anyone here, except my friends. "Any person will do" I stated. "Is there anything you like to ask?" "Nothing more, my lady" "You may leave now, Azael. Thank you" He left. I released a deep sigh. I lay down my bed, and closed my eyes. *Two hours later Knock. Knock. Knock. Geez, can they just please stop knocking. "Come in!" I yelled, but still hugging my pillow. "Kae" the door opened, and revealed hades.  He hurriedly went towards the bed, and climbed on top of me. He reached for my hand and placed it on top of my head. I suddenly realized his shirt was unbuttoned. "What are you doing?" I asked nervously. "After this, you'll gonna be mine" he whispered in a husky tone. Is he insane? He's strong. His holding my hands like I'm a prisoner. I tried to move, I tried to pull it, but I'm left with no escape. I'm left with no words, no screams, or any voice coming out from my mouth. I don't know why I couldn't speak. He kissed me on my earlobe. It gave me shivers. Is this God drunk? I tried to look for the smell of ambrosia, but it hit me that I don't even have any idea about the scent of that wine. It also seems that he's not really drunk. He started kissing me from my forehead, down to my nose. I tried to exert force to release my hands, and resist from what he's doing. He kissed me on my lips. I stopped from moving, I don't know what to do. I'm stuck, I froze. I gazed at him, and his grey eyes met mine. I smelled his manly scent, and I was seduced by his sweet scent of destruction. He kissed me again, but this time it felt different. I lose myself in his arms. I gave myself to the night, to this dark king with fire in his eyes but ice in his veins. He released me, and I saw shadows wrapped us. I saw his power surrounding us. I trembled when his darkness swept over me. He kissed me on my collarbone, then to my neck. I heard a knock, I opened my eyes widely. Damn, it was just a dream. Geez, why is it like that? Hades? Making love to me? Gross! That will never happen. "Come in" I said. The door opened, and I saw Hades entered. He went towards my bed. Good riddance, this is what happened in my dream, No! Freaking no! "W-why are you here?" I asked nervously, he sat on the edge of my bed. "We need to talk" he replied. Thank Gods, we'll just talk. I calmed down, and stared at him. "For what?" I asked. "The wedding" he answered, and his grey eyes gave me a cold gaze. "Why did you let the servants decide on everything? On the preparation of the wedding?" "I didn't let them decide everything!" "Why didn't you gave them specific answers on the entourage? The food? The theme?" "I know they can do it" "And you gave them the responsibility" "Yes I did" "They are servants, Kae. You need to be the one who'll give them orders!" "I'm not a queen to give them orders" "But this is your wedding, so you need to!" "First of all, I don't want this wedding. So why do I have to put an ounce of effort in the first place?" He didn't answered. He looked on the floor for a few minutes. I was waiting for him to say anything. He didn't looked at me again. He stood up, and went straight to the door. "Hades" I called. Geez, I think I said something wrong. He faced me, I looked at his eyes. This time it was full of pain, hurt, sorrow. "You're right" he replied firmly, "I shouldn't have force you. Don't worry, I will not expect anything from you anymore" He left. I ran quickly to the door. I opened it and saw Hades walking in the corridor. "Wait!" I ran to him, and he stopped. I reached for his hand. He looked at me with confusion. "I'm sorry" I said. "You don't need to" he smiled, painfully. "Besides, I've realized that it is more better spending the whole eternity alone, than spending it with someone who doesn't want to be with you at all" I released his hand, his words hit me. "I-I didn't inte-" "It's okay, I've been seriously trying from the start. It seems now that I'm the only one trying here" "Hades-" "By the way, if you want to leave, you can. Just tell me when. But I'm warning you, you'll only live two months in the mortal realm" "What? Two months? I wasn't trying to- I don't understand" Now, I know the definition of mixed emotions. "You're dead, but because of me you lived. I'm going to marry you, so you can drink the elixir in the ceremony and you will be one of us. You will not die anymore" Elixir? "What are you trying to say?" I asked. "This is all for you. I did this for you, little flower. So you can be with me, but it seems like you don't want to. It's alright if you choose to leave me" his voice cracked, "..I want you to be happy" He left me with a kiss on my forehead. "I'm sorry" I whispered, but I know he wouldn't hear. He teleported somewhere. I went back to my bedroom. So, this is all for me? I didn't know. I'm so dumb for not knowing. You're so freaking dumb, Kae! "I want you to be happy" That phrase came to my mind, over and over again. Yes, I wanted to be happy, but how? Will I be happy if I leave him? Or will I be happy if I marry him? "I shouldn't have force you" Oh geez, if I marry him without loving him yet, that is just pity it's not love. "You died but because of me you lived" I didn't asked him for doing that, for letting me live again. He did that because he wanted to. "This is all for you. I did this for you, little flower" Tears started to roll down my cheeks. What I have done?

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