my first supernova
my first supernova  cosmo stories

briannafowlkes A poem a day keeps my depression at bay
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you gravitated towards me i was bright but cold when you met me

my first supernova

you gravitated towards me

i was bright but cold when you met me

i offered you light and you radiated heat

when we were together

everything was balanced

we rotated and drifted into the cosmos as one

we burned so bright

i was so warm in your embrace...

but i knew it would come to an end.

there was iron in my heart when you told me it was over.

i used up everything i had to be with you.

Our love is the reason flowers open in spring

Our love is so powerful our voices caused hurricanes or gentle sea breezes

Without our love everything is a barren desert.

How can I burn without you?

I cant .

i don't remember a lot from that night

the weight of everything collapsed on me.

all I remember

Is looking into your misty eyes and watching our love implode.

That night I just laid in my bed staring at the ceiling

I closed my eyes and the static turned into a supernova of colors that use to be our love

What was once so bright turned into a black hole

That I now have to walk around with.

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